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like rain
And the world ain't ready for you
I love you and I will always be here for you!

Beyoncwe?ve come so far together
And it feels so good
Ev'rybody's gonna need a ventilator.
When you're trapped and circled with no second chances,
Your code of living is your gun in hand.
We can't be browed by

One by one
The lonely feelings come
Day by day, they slowly fade away

Ooh, the look was in her eyes
You never know what might be found there
She was
it was? 

Never ever ever gonna be the same 
Never gonna be the same 

Never ever ever gonna be the same 
Never gonna be the same 

So what you
Gonna fix you up!
By da time we're through
I'll be tigger one
You'll be tigger two!
It's gonna be great!
It's gonna be great!
It's gonna be
My daddy was workin' nine to five
When my momma was havin' me
By the time I was half alive
I knew what I was gonna be
But I left school and grew
it's round 
It's to be found 
By you, by me 
It's all we ever wanted to see 

One of these days 
When my feet are on the ground 
I'm gonna look
Shine I'll stand by you
Don't try and push me away
'Cause I'm just gonna stay
You can shine I won't deny you
And don't be afraid it'll all be ok
Propaganda far and wide

No wavelength, no mileage
No current currency
No answers, just silence
And nothing is what it's supposed to be

I was educated
me...nobody knows the way it's gonna be
Stand by me...nobody knows the way it's gonna be
Stand by me...nobody knows the way it's gonna be

If you're leaving
what do we care 
As long as we have this love of ours to share
It's gonna be cold outside 
It's gonna be warm inside 
So we'll cuddle up by a cozy
Whisper somethin' in my ear
Ooh! Boy you makin' me feel sexy
Baby we can get up outta here

What's it gonna be boy?
You watchin' me you watchin' me
be held by the same hand 

What's it gonna take to liberate? 
An emancipation, a false proclamation? 
All these token words that you legislate
whats it gonna be? x4

When I met you boy everything was cool
It was like a dream I was so in love,
You was so in love it was meant to be,
Running side by
kiill, honey we'd both be dead
It ain't hard to tell we're hangin' on by a thread
Say somethin' darlin' say what's on your mind
We'll find the answer, I
On your thumbs, all written
The ladder is poisoned, had to find a new way around

What you gonna do about it?
What you gonna do about it?
She could be runnin' to
She's gonna do what she's gonna do
What does it matter to me
Seems she's everywhere I look

What does it matter to me
Coming for thee
Babe, coming for thee
In case there's any doubt
Here's what I'm talkin' about
It'll be me
Babe, it'll be me

Who's gonna meet you in
Funny thing about money for sex
You might get rich but you'll die by it

It's gonna be a close call
Gonna be a close call

Tell me now, what would you do
as any human could
But that won't get me by

I could be anything I wanted to
I wanted to
I could do anything but one thing's true

Never gonna be
We're all the same There, by your side, I will be And life is just a simple game When this crazy world is free When it finds out Exactly what we're meant
So far from home
Oh, what have I been learning
By being all alone

Every little thing
Every little thing
Every little thing
(Is gonna) Just
just wanna lay it on you

Girl can you tell me what's on tonight
I'm coming to your crib
Have dinner by candlelight
And we gonna watch some TV
understand while I take him by the hand 
Why life's time tunnel is long
Well it will be alright
If you stay tonight
It's where we both belong
It's gonna
It doesn't matter what they do
All that matters is my relationship to you
By the river we will linger
As we drive down to be free
We're gonna ride