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don't care

You don't need to preach
You don't have to love me, all the time

Whatever on earth possessed you
To make this bold decision
I guess
I'm always spying on you
I can be whatever shape
If you wanna leave
It's now
Push eject
Push now
Don't think
Trust me
I will make you feel good
take you there
Wherever you go
Whatever you do
I've got to find you
Whatever I do (Whatever I do)

Hey Joe what you doing?
They say you don't care
Our love needs no name
We got a thing we can’t explain
Don’t care what people say, let’s call it
Whatever whatever
You, me, got everything
No I don’t
to return, to take your idols burn

Hold the balance of fate in your hands 
Possessed by the spear of destiny
Read my last rites
I am sacrificed

Whatever you believe nobody cares
Whatever it is you think you know
Don't give a god damn
Reality is bullshit
Reflection is a concept
I really need a motherfucking intro
Show up to the venue
Food is on the menu
And if it ain't the menu
Then by out what they sent you
They hook us up
crossed the line,
By spending time with who she's dating. (Whatever)
I don't think she understands who I am, or cares about what she's breaking.

I'm so fed
matter what you do

All I want to do is take care of you
Everything I have in my life, I'll share with you
This soul of mine has been possessed by you
been possessed by you
Darling my heart has been obsessed with you
Just look at me, I'm not the man, I used to be

I used to be proud, I used to be
For a man who softly said
You'll earn twice as much instead
With those blue eyes and pretty golden hair

Well London town possessed
Of many
That's alright 
It's okay 
I don't mind 

But I just want 
To let you know 
That I will stand 
By you 
Through whatever might come
cares about you

So roll me over
Shut me out
If that's what you feel possessed to do
Whatever helps to get you through the night
Yeah it may kill me
She shouldn't need protection!

And you can sit there 
With that stupid smile on your face
And try to convince me that you care 
Defined by

Dream and let your dreams come
It's your turn to fly
As long as I'm standing by
You can close your eyes

I will take care of you
Is it alright, if I'm with you for the night
Hope you don't mind, if you stay by my side
We can drive in your car, somewhere into the dark
Pull over
viata vesnica,
Care o obtinem numai prin moarte"

awaiting the next vein
Possessed by essential desire
Damned and addicted to survive
judgement burn 
Act like you don't understand 
And run from Jah son it's your own possessions you are possessed 
By ooh man, it's so sad to see how you ah
could tell you quite a story friend if you'd care to buy me a drink
[ ac.guitar ]
Well I possessed by every weakness that takes a man a fool
I bought
do anything for Monster Crack
Give away her body, steal from her brother
Fight her father or sell her mother
Cause when you're possessed by Crack, God
If you want to walk out the door
You don't need a key
If you don't want to come by no more
I'll set you free

Whatever you want babe
Iraq gets more irate,
We really know nothing about them
And no one cares.
Aladdin and the forty thieves
Enhanced by brand new special effects.
cared so just give it up
You never care, now you're going nowhere

You are so pitiful
Keep tellin' yourself you were right
Whatever helps you sleep
Don't let it turn against you, drive you down again

Caught up in the moment, accelerated dream
Possessed by a notion of how my life should be
I wanna belong to you, I wanna be yours 
I don't wanna be mine anymore, I wanna be yours
I wanna lose my ego, I wanna be possessed by you 
I don't