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them 3rd Ward thugs?
What you niggas know about them Holly Grove?
What you niggas know about them Hot Boy thugs?
What you niggas know about CMR thugs?
getting dark
Oh I hope my heart don't stop
Do you really give a damn?
Do you even understand?

(understand me)

3rd verse

Hour glass is taining
please don't spray

3rd grade got the school on lock
4th grade got the school on lock
5th grade got the school on lock
But you can't forget the 1st
please don't spray

3rd grade got the school on lock
4th grade got the school on lock
5th grade got the school on lock
But you can't forget the 1st
stage darkness" -> Rakim, +I Ain't No Joke+
 and Chuck D saying "Follow for now!" *

[MC Serch]
Deaf, dumb and blind, the 3rd Bass find
you move further
I go into and out of the fog  And that's why I live with my dog / Instrumental bridge / 3rd Verse Men oh, men oh, oh men I've known too many
a real nigga out of Ft.Myers 
I got principles nigga dats what I live by
Ain't had rap feature and I'm still alive 
Not 1 my 3rd album, is you surprised?
to drown
Feels the 3rd time he goes down
Then you know how I was feeling
The day you left

And that was the easy part
As bad as it was
Your goodbye
Let yesterday be yestarday
Don't let us go to for what happened yesterday
On the backseat of your car
It was the 3rd of September
When I meet you
me, you're empty, so fill'er up! 
Is I'm talkin' coffee or cocoa, is you loco? 
Cash or credit for unleaded at Sunoco 
KMD and 3rd Bass is just ace
got me wicked  I don't play 

Niggaz got funk on the other side  and we spray 

We drive through the 3rd Ward Calliope Projects 

and drove
guard the bitch up
Bout to get your World crowded by them soldiers in the chucks
You some real ass niggas, some down ass niggas
Say them 3rd Ward
ready to wine ya and dilain
For total and twine ya
We right behind ya true
Life just me and you no telling what we could do
(Another Outlaw)
One sip ain't gunna do shit
On the 2nd sip I begin to admit
That the 3rd one down is what makes me feel alright
And number 4 I slam down to the floor
the Euphrates killed a 3rd of his men
Then I change form, bustin in abnormal type tactics
Flippin styles like acrobatics
So who can do what he do, flip a style
can do what you like


Riding on the 3rd rail, taking risks, life is risky
The 'E' stands for Epic and the 'S' stands for Shifty
So let
Gorged on speed and bitter words
Found ourselves on be and 3rd

One more time
Feast and fast, burn and crash
Couldn't seem to make it last
You stole
speakin' 3rd person
'Cause you walked the shoes of a happy mason
Its your first or last name on the affidavit
Only way to get it was to boss up
Now a days
You niggas want word play
But I'm bout bird play
3rd of the month, yea we call that bird day
Just look at em' fly (hey) [Repeat: x2]

I'm way too
(Gimme some mo')
(1-2-3 hit me!)

In the summertime, when the heat is hot
We can cruise on 3rd Street, but you can call it the block
Fly ladies out
kept me warm and she kept me fed

July 3rd was a dreaded friend of mine
We'd all go down to the family plot in the Louisiana pines
Staring at that
it was the 3rd of june another sleepy dusty delta day 
i was out choppin' cotton and my brother was bailin' hay. 
at dinner time we stopped off
speedin' wit the white and ya see the blue lights
And ya on ya 3rd strike so the judge say life
Okay, tomorrow?ll be a better day

If ya son 14 and his dad
to be in the 3rd World.  They have bought the 2nd World and put a firm down payment on the 1st one.  Controlling your resources we'll control your world.
he drunk him a pint
Tippin' to the southside runnin' a light
Use to have me up in 3rd ward checkin' his traps
Collectin' his scratch protection' his