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instead, you took a cap
They say Tyga and Diggy but Rocky been Jiggy
Curren$y from the Wiz ain't enough to get me home
Can't really hate when they compare
I got sand all by my bath water, candles by my wine glass
Women all on my time, imagine how my time pass
They say them freaks come out at night
talkin' 'bout me, must've been talkin' 'bout that pony
'Kuz they say Tyga so great like Tony
Frosted Flakes in the roley, oh he started off with the ice
to me,
Keep playin' freddy boi, I'll leak on ya elm street,
Trouble is what you want dog, pain is what you don't get,
It's Young money till the bone
What it do nigga
This your nigga T-Streets bang bang
In the building
This young money
First up
My nigga, Gudda Gudda
Double "G"
Blap, blap

They call
I got sand all by my bath water, candles by my wine glass
Women all on my time, imagine how my time pass
They say them freaks come out at night
and blowing cheese
Oh, you love me? Soon we'll see
Palm trees and double D's
They want that old shit?
Well, fuck me

Rang, rang
Who that calling?
my foreign car, got the trunk by the engine
So when I back back, I'm fronting on you niggas

Wait I don't even think these niggas understood what
That shit hurt me, you under-dig? Uh
It's painful what you see real niggas do when they get the paper
When they get the bag
You can't never forget
the fame

Uh, please no intro
Tyga she already know
Come and spend the night with me
And tell me what you into, uh
Can I take you home?
Wake up in the morn'
My own destiny

Take a look around, tears from they eyes
Knees on the ground, money in the sky
Take a look around, ain't shit nice?
Praying for my
Near where the money changers sit
By their locked glass cabinets

That's what they want, oh yeah
Money, honey
That's what they want, oh yeah
all of that, I'm on to you
And what you want, I ain't comin' back, I ain't comin' back
I swear to God I'm ain't comin' back, don't wait for you
You know
Street millionaires rub shoulders
And laugh at bitches fucking promoters
Hoping that they get noticed, still driving a Focus
What you fuck him for if
Little broken hearts of the night
Slowly picking up their knives
On the way to the fight
Tonight they want revenge

Beautiful soldiers in their
on get on get on
With what they're doing
Just let them get on get on get on
With what they're doing

They'll want it more
They'll need it less
I don't want to be the kind to hesitate
Be too shy, wait too late
I don't care what they say other lovers do
I just want to dance with you

[Chorus x3]
Hey now, hey now 
What's the matter with you? 
Girls just want to have fun now 
Come on...

I come home in the morning light 
for that, you're on your own

Can't you see what it's doing to me 
All I want to be is by your side
I don't care if they cut my hair
All I want
you gonna write ?
Some ?
What you want tonight?
Someone who'll go and get by ?

They're just little pink plastic bags
Blowing on a highway alone
want me to do
We gotta stand right on each other
They gotta try harder babe
I got stad right by you
And you gotta stand right by me

I gotta push
like to get real close to the flame
Once you feel the heat
You know they're never the same

Why do we want
What we know we can't have
Why don't we
me by, by the water
Meet me down by the water
Baby, you know, I say you know what they're
You know what they're talking about
I want you to met me,
to try and open it
Who wants know what desperate is
Who wants to buy what’s broken

Looking out on a buzzing city
Molecules go flying by
What do you want?

I'm tired of playing with vice,
Tired of hash heads trying to be nice.
Do you feel insulted when they pull out the dope?