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hoes and hella cash
All I need is a minute to "Shatter Your Dreams"
And we about to sell more than Avril Lavigne (bitch!)
And all I do is rep the hood
here to deal with all of these mv's
Even when I got free am feeling I ain't free
Hated by the (), being something they can't be
A couple hundred
your hair or a tattoo?
I didn't know Supercuts had a drive-through
Yo Nelly, what the hell kind of name is that?
That's about as gangsta as an easter
and no matter how hard i try i'm not hard for Avril Lavigne
the skater shit and ties make her look like a dude
oops, my mistake, Mandy Moore's
She asked me what am I driving, and how is my health
I know what you're really thinking baby, let me tell you

I can do bad by myself
I don't
a philostopher 'n see what he says!

Greggery stops at a gas station
And makes a mysterious phone

Is this the old loft
With the paint peelin' off it