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The smell of trees can only be that way
On a sunny day, floating through the open window
To the cool inside where we lay side by side

How can
My generation will make a change 
This generation will make a change 
(Yes we will, yes we will) 
My generation will make a change 
(Do you hear
The smell of trees. Can only be that way. On a sunny day.
Floating through the open window. To the cool inside.
Where we lay side by side. How can
It's time to put away our
Guns and ammunition
We can do it if we try
I tell you what the reason
Causing all the friction
Discrimination is a crime
Can't you see our generation's going down the tubes?
The more we keep looking back we can only lose
Remember when we were kids hanging out?
to fall is mine
See a brand new generation in demanding
What you've been doing without money all this time

People try living life at speed
You declared you would be three inches taller
You only became what we made you
Thought you were chasing a destiny calling
You only earned what we
think the world is, it's only what you do
Right here, right now
Right this fucking instant that matters
It's your choice to
Sink or swim
Sink or swim
on for way too long and that's one thing for sure
A constant game of tug o' war
I'm asking what's it all for?

A thousand years of war
Can you tell me
What you know eternally 

Ten years running blind and aimlessly 
Warming by the fires of bridges burning 
Ten thousand peering eyes that can only see
Give us twenty minutes and we'll give you the world
We bring good things to life
The news you need from people you can count on
Doing what we do
at what you get
Nothing that you can hold, but everything that it is
Ten thousand

Ten thousand hours felt like ten thousand ants
Ten thousand ants,
at what you get
Nothing that you can hold, but everything that it is
Ten thousand

Ten thousand hours felt like ten thousand ants
Ten thousand ants,
lost, clench your fist and punch your eye out! 
Generation lost, want you to think that we've had enough
Generation lost, we don't think what's in
think what's in the sky)

We are the beacon of hope, the dark side of the light
We always aim for the float, we only come out at night
If you do mollies
't help that what's cool to us might be strange to you
Pardon me for breathing, can we borrow some of your air?
The problem with you and your kind is that
generation could be you
So let's see what you can do
Korean parents and you
you and me)
I guess that's what makes us think we're human
But being human only lets us see a little farther than animals 
(The end of history)
prophet told you that the people have the power,
And I believe it's true. But what else can I do?

Can I believe in you my generation? 
Or are we really
To the future itself in the hands of itself
And the future is
Electric youth
It's true you can't fight it
Live by it
The next generation...

It's electric
You can still hear the melody, 
But its the memory that's scaring you
Ten thousand heartaches, baby
Ten thousand heartaches now
Ten thousand
can you teach me how to
(Tie my shoes can I go with you to work so I can see what you do?)
Lemme see what you do
So I can love my kids too
But you
of the noise

This is our wake up call

We have to pull it together
We have to save what we can
So put aside what you thought that you loved
And face
of millions have been silenced by the few
The poisons of their progress is what's slowly killing you
To change the course of their mistakes there's little we
gonna stay with you tonight 
Now he's got you by the balls, he can sell you anything at all 
From morality to diamond rings to genocide to magazines