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like a queen
By a man who deserves to be treated like a king
What a woman wants, what keeps her holding on
Is a loving man who understands what
of what's he's done
Not that which he has owned

And his friends will grow from toil
And from the seeds that he's sown
But his friends will fall away
If he's
Just a while ago my banker told me
That again, we were overdrawn
She writes to many checks but what the heck
My loving wife has never done me wrong.
this sacrifice of a broken heart

Jesus, what can I give, what can I bring
To so faithful a Friend, to so loving a King?
Savior, what can be said,
Queen City USA I do my thing fellow,
Without the bling, Hello
Ayoo I'm drinving slowowww
Ch-ch Checkin out the flowowww
King tubby Dub style on my
show fear
Unless you feel yours in jeopardy
Oh time, oh time has changed
And I'm no longer wiling
Can't you see how my heart is bleeding
Oh yes

An elegant scar

The oil king sits
On his arrogant throne
Away and above and apart
Lawyers have warned him
He mustn't speak
And greed has made silent
What once
just soldiers in this epic loving flight
And no one that I know has ever really done it right

Done it right
Done it right
Done it right
Done it
no loving from you lately 
You're lies has changed the mood; it aggravates me 

Verse 1 

Baby tell me now what's going on 
Do I no longer turn
the many times I've cried.
I'm tired of wondering what I might have done to keep you by my side.
And reaching out across your pillow, 
I start remembering
Gray old fellow
If you finally failed the test
What would it mean?

We're getting near
We're getting near
Maid of sorrow
Your time goes by

Fade away
of outside love
Has blown your whole thing

She took him from the worst alley and tried to show him the light
But you know what, you can comfort a snake
just getting old?
You're the one never done what I told her
This chip on my shoulder is
Getting smaller by the day
Just when I was getting used
the mountains to the valleys
To the rich and the poor
Everybody has a voice but they still want more
They fight they shout they yell
What they screamin for
that drifts around you,
Singing all our hopes and dreams.
We look around, in wonder,
At the work that has been done.
By the visions of our father,
that I didn't take.
'Cause I'll never know 'til it's over
If I'm right or I'm wrong loving you,
But I'd rather be sorry for something I've done
the gate
The king is in the kingdom to await his fate, of the enemy
The Pubic Enemy

Propmaster (yeah) Please listen to me (what?)
Something lurking by
is very geometric and black,
The people are afraid and nervous.
NSHIGTUR: now you're caught in my land
KING: what have I done?
NSHIGTUR: got your
the Locust King has come
Don't tell me the truth; I don't like what they've done
It's payback time...

The U.N. is right; you can't be any more "un"
come to me
Grey old fellow
If you finally failed the test
What would it mean?
We're getting near
We're getting near
Maid of sorrow
Your time goes
You gotta turn the page, read the Book of Taliesyn

"All the sciences of the world are collected in my breast, 
For I know what has been, what is
In ages past when spells were cast
In a time of men and steel
Where a man was taught no special thing
It was all done by feel

So listen, so
In order to deal in this game, got to make the queen disappear
It's done with a flick of the wrist
What's a sweetheart like you doing in a dump like
[Words: W. Süssenbeck / Music: Böhm, Pichlbauer, Koritar]

On checkerboards at his command
Watchin' all his gallant kings 
Go falling one by one

And son he'd say there's not much time 
For you