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is just one oar leaning against the wall
What of our plans for paddles in the Fall?
With the reeds grown high in a winding maze
We were to follow
This is my story
A story of a heart
And all of it mine

It must have been him
Just a glimpse of a face in the crowd
That's all it takes
All in the golden afternoon full leisurely we glide 
For both our oars, with little skill, by little arms are plied 
While little hands make vain
What have i to lose?
Truckin´ by the railway station
I´m on the road again
Steerin´ clear of all temptation
Unto the point
Great peril awaits us beyond the Black River
Summoned by the beating of drums
Our number is few and our errand is dire
We do what must be done
Watching as it flies by (Spy the unknown)
Focus on the quiet oars
Tell me how far you'd go (Go where you like)
Knowing your air won't last (Last one to know)
Then flashin' through the interference
Beams a thousand tunes
This is tomorrow callin'
What have I to lose?
Truckin' by the railway station
keep coming through,
So many years,
Still I'm defenseless.

The house by the lake,
His hands resting awhile on the oars,
Speaking with quiet
Still I'm defenseless

The house by the lake
His hands resting awhile on the oars
Speaking with quiet conviction
Carefully unlocking doors
Valhalla, this is where I belong, I belong

We crash o'er the waves
Bite deep on the oars
Scouring the spray
On the storm's maul
Then lightning reveals
Movin' in next door, searchin' from floor to floor
You know what they're lookin' for
Someone's always keepin' score every time you dip the oar

some more 
By the way, is there any you can sell us? 

Time out, save the play 
Trying to make the lie last 
Any old way we can 
Signed out all
"Downstream" by The Rainmakers from _The_Rainmakers_
Well, me and Mark Twain were having us
the galley
With undead orcs pulling oars through the algae
Smash cut to a smoke-bombed quarantine
Guards like "all signs correlate with sorcery"
It's more
And having to take and aids test.
I can say CDub is holding them back.
The only thing holding them back is being overly whack
Hey!, Messing with the oars
The Statler Brothers
Is It Your Place Or Mine
Kept hoping you'd call
Or maybe drop by
Hadn't seen you at all 
Since we said goodbye

The phone
Dog in the manger
Happy days
Why don't you take it all?
Take what is left

Take mine
Take mine

Counting out
And putting nothing in
You calculate
[Originally performed by The Dwarves]

Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of man

Satan is a friend of mine
Satan is a friend of mine
We lurk for
deceive you
So can't we try
To make it just like what we dreamed
Hmm, yeah yeah yeah

Devotion is my name
And I give myself to you, oh
In this crazy
understand, what the fuck is up, where my man 
Eat a bowl of hot cock, now sonny cheeba volume one 
Catch the mighty bullion cat, comin' out the door, what
We fall in love by accident,
A heavenly coincidence
No matter what you think is true
Let me introduce you to some,

Friends of mine
Oh, friends
won't ask for mercy, I choose to walk alone

What's yours is mine and what's mine is mine too
If you shake my hand better count your fingers

What if
go by, contemplate what is

Throw another coin and let it shine
Baby be my Valentine
Let it rhyme
In time, you'll be mine
You'll be mine

What's mine is mine

As a young man
My life's gone through so many changes
All the dragons
I thought I'd slain became my frustrations
As a young man
always by your side

And He'll never, ever let you down
He's a friend of mine, mine, mine
Mine, mine, mine
Yes He is

A friend, a friend, a friend,