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Neil: "Relativity Invitation."
Gary: "What strikes you when I say that?"
Neil: "Relativity Invitation... I dunno it just sounds like poor words
and down a silly ladder run the notes, without the words
Words are important for the mind, but the notes are for the soul
Miles Davis, So what
stay with me forever we will live this dream

You'll be Bette Davis and I'll be Carrie Grant
Let's make love all night, forget about
lives that were saved I gotta say Dod bless Robert E Lee 
Well the mansion where the General used to live is burning down 
Cotton fields are blue with
And a cool, cool rain comes down
On a world burned by the sun
And the moon arises like a child
And the moment is undone
And the stars never say
the day
I'll do it
Back in the day, back in the day

Ohh yeah

Y'all remember back in the day, you dig
Ray Charles, Nat King Cole, Miles Davis, Ella
(oh, yeah)
Step by step, day by day, mile by mile (ooh, ooh, ooh)

Say it, baby, don't give up
You got to hold on to what you got,
Oh, baby, don't give
Southern Dream Track #22 2:44
Sonny Boy Williamson I (John Lee)
(John Lee Williamson)
Chicago, November 12, 1947
With Blind John Davis - piano, Big
seem to be a million miles away
Our love's become a one way episode
You don't even hear a word I say
And darlin' when I ask you
What's been goin' on,
It's time that we discussed this
I'm disgusted
I don't trust it
What's this
New evidence brings doubt
On who took King out
Must have had clout
the miles
How far do I have to go to get to you
Many the miles
But send me the miles and I'll be happy to follow you Love

I do what I can wherever I end
'm southbound

Three hundred miles to Santa Fe
Got a momma to see or the Devil to pay
Gonna be there by the break of day
And I'm southbound
Three hundred
its a game to me its a joke
A mile to hang by with one inch of rope
Is it wrong is it right
You and I day and night

Falling in hate nothing to say
and Eleanor Antin
Yoko Ono and Carolee Schneeman
You're getting old, that's what they'll say, but
Don't give a damn I'm listening anyway

Stop, don't you
They're just how I've learnt to live
Knowing I destroyed the shelter of our love
I can say I'm ready to learn

I've been chasing the answers
But I
Day by day
Mile by mile
Go your own way

Say baby, don't give up
You've got to hold on to what you've got
Oh, baby, don't give up
You've go
and clean it up. The dog run off and RJ says she felt her asthma comin' on. I was sittin' there wonderin' what to do when the en-tire scenic San Joo-wan
nothing left to say
A mile or two from Memphis
And I finally made it home

There were days you paced the kitchen, there were nights that felt like jail
Somethin' from nothin'
Was told Kings walk and man you frontin'
For the people and by the people but them over money
I'm on my Viola Davis here,
brother in the alley
You say K. Dot your things got to pay that Birdman and Jay got
One day he’ll read what you saw, now I read for us both
Thats 100
Back in the day, back in the day

Oh yeah

Y'all remember back in the day, you dig
Ray Charles, Nat King Cole, Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald

All I want is the best for our lives, my dear
And you know my wishes are sincere
What's to say, for the days I cannot bare

A Sunday smile, you
to Miles Davis
The Canda all night rocker
To south side part, and Cathrine, what's up, dude?
And alright, now best wishes out to Eno and Shelly
And their
Come along, walk with me
Down the golden mile
On my tongue the taste of love
Never felt so good
Easy come, no more leaving
By the back door

One on one
Blowing horns like Miles Davis
At the pearly gate, God let me in
Give me a room by Aaliyah with ESPN
I know I got more sins than two lesbians