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(oh, yeah)
Step by step, day by day, mile by mile (ooh, ooh, ooh)

Say it, baby, don't give up
You got to hold on to what you got,
Oh, baby, don't give
Southern Dream Track #22 2:44
Sonny Boy Williamson I (John Lee)
(John Lee Williamson)
Chicago, November 12, 1947
With Blind John Davis - piano, Big
seem to be a million miles away
Our love's become a one way episode
You don't even hear a word I say
And darlin' when I ask you
What's been goin' on,
'm southbound

Three hundred miles to Santa Fe
Got a momma to see or the Devil to pay
Gonna be there by the break of day
And I'm southbound
Three hundred
Life Time Blues Track 13 2:42
Sonny Boy Williamson I (John Lee Williamson)
(Noah Lewis) 
With Big Bill Broonzy - guitar, Walter Davis - piano
Day by day
Mile by mile
Go your own way

Say baby, don't give up
You've got to hold on to what you've got
Oh, baby, don't give up
You've go
and clean it up. The dog run off and RJ says she felt her asthma comin' on. I was sittin' there wonderin' what to do when the en-tire scenic San Joo-wan
nothing left to say
A mile or two from Memphis
And I finally made it home

There were days you paced the kitchen, there were nights that felt like jail
Neil: "Relativity Invitation."
Gary: "What strikes you when I say that?"
Neil: "Relativity Invitation... I dunno it just sounds like poor words
and down a silly ladder run the notes, without the words
Words are important for the mind, but the notes are for the soul
Miles Davis, So what
'Don't leave me all alone'
Because I will miss her
Ev'ryday that she'll be gone

People, I was sitting down, wondering
What can a po' man do?
gettin' high
MaryBeth's wig was on the floor
An' Arnold's feet was out the door
When we shined our flashlight in Arnold's startled eyes
I says "What chew
the door
Looked back with nothing else to say 
I got in my car and drove away 

And mile by mile 
The further I get 
The more I remember the more I
How far from fear
I lied miles and miles, 
Still standing by this wall,
No sign of tears to fall.
As long as you will call miles and miles.
I search
smooth like
with a little bit of Miles Davis to get you in the mood like
zoom boom hit the poom-poom right
Just to get your groove right
I can make it
uh-huh), day by day (day by day-ee), 
Mile by mile (ooh), go your own way. 

Say it, baby, don't give up 
You got to hold on to what you got, 
Oh, baby,
on and give my man his props
If you're really that down then act what you say
KRS and Chuck need support today
I see you posing with the Dr King hanging on your
him, you lose,

If your head feels like it's two miles wide,
You'll feel better once you testify (testify, testify, testify)
[I want to testify, I
What I say might save a life, what I speak might save the street
I ain't got no instruments, but I got my hands and feet
Hands gone clap and feet
No matter what they say
So close your eyes and I'll be there
There's magic in the sky tonight
When you see the lightning flash around the world
And feeling the way I do
Wouldn't last  mile without you
When I'm losing the way
The things that you say
Take me there
My destination
& vocal
Fanny Davis (sister) - comb, Miles Pratcher - guitar.
Album: Portraits The First Recordings
Rounder CD 1718
my reach
Cause how could you save the day
If you're a million miles away

Who's to say what you can't see can't be found
There's evidence of your
Oh, in your eyes I see everything in black and white
And the pictures of our perfect life
Here by your side you make me feel so young again
And I
about the to and fro, hit me
Come on, you know way down
What George say, fall around, alright

We claim Miles Davis, not Michaelangelo
We playin' D-flat