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the velvet rope
The whispers in my ear, said everything stays here
But we know something they don't
Sometimes what happens in Vegas

Follows you home
Starks in Clark Wallabees
African killer bees black watch On the radio blowin out yo' watch
From Park Hill, the house on haunted hill
Every time you walk
And that's just to get in this bedroom, bitch
Walked up to that Ke$ha chick (what up?)
Said my name is Booger, wanna catch a flick?
I'll even let you pick,
spazz on them
How can home be where the heart is,
When your shadow even fucking leaves you when you are in darkness
Still get stopped by Sergeant Pepper,
I know what's good for you
Don't pass me by
I will look after you
You'll be fine
I'm in heaven I'll show you heaven it's so much heaven
Don't go against the grain if you can't handle it[Meth]
Ha, holla cross from the land of the lostBehold the pale horse, off course
Follow me, Wu Tang
away from ham like Abraham, Lord I follow you
Even when you took my man Chaka God and what I'm a do
You gave the hood a modern day martyr in Brother
I ducked and I slid
I'ma grab shorty, I need you to grab the nigga for me"
Just when I thought I found love, she shitted on me
Shopped in Vegas
or just, try to laugh it off
"Son you home early -- they wiped you out that quick?"
I said, "Nah," showed him the plastic with nine in the clip

you got a past and I do too, we’re perfect for each other

Houston girls, love the way it goes down
Atlanta girls, love the way it goes down
will have an opinion
But y'all know what you can do with them
But if you unsure, I'll take you on tour
To a place you can stick that in
Well, sitting
will have an opinion
But y'all know what you can do with them
But if you unsure, I'll take you on tour
To a place you can stick that in
Well, sitting
On some "Ah hah look what I did" shit
And if I get stopped by a crooked ass cop I'm a put a bullet in a pig
And Rin Tin Tin, ah hah hah look what
been buildin' me a house back home in the south Ma
Won't believe what it's costin'
And it's fit for a king, right?
Or a nigga that could sing
you'll see the truth written by the masters

My n****z is chillin', gettin' high, relaxin'
Envisionin', ownin' s***, yo it can happen
What do we own?
What do we own? Not enough land, not enough homes
Not enough banks, to give a brother a loan
What do we own? The skin on our backs, we run and we
of boldest insanity,
I'd vanity my home is a warzone calamity, randomly,
Tragedies happen I'm sick of this life,
I'd give in a minute the Vicapri is from
had a month of joy in heaven from this deal I'd made in hell
What was to happen then my friend a prophet could not tell

The day after his
to follow you home

I done ran in the streets enough to know, every man and jebro
And when your back against the fence, admit to every throw
Let off
Overtaken by a hunger that she has to feed
Whoever gives her what she wants gonna follow their lead

(Strange Voice)What do you think will
and start to take a bunch of pictures
With shy fans who get dragged up by they brothers and sisters
What’s up girl I’m with you, kiss up on her cheek
lookin' but lack vision
Initially made in the Lord's image, dynamic
Nothing lackin', magic couldn't make it happen
Look at us, you hear us rappin'
Spade: Allright. So you've got me in it. What about her?
Brigid: Don't worry about me, I'm okay
Kasper: Very magnanimous, sir, very magnanimous indeed,
wouldn't lie to you"?
Swag is so malleable, covered in valuables
I done accomplished, start what I set out to do
When we off the colors, not
Not quite sure what you wanna do
Like, what is this world coming to?
Life goes on even if you don't want it to (Uh-huh)
It's a sad ride home if