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not what they do
Oh, sinner friend, for thee he died
His hands are gently knocking on your door
Outside he's pleading to come in
His heart is breaking
shoots up into the sky
Some do what they please
The world's at their command

Some come to nothing by and by
Some come to play
And they throw it all
his lonely arms would go
He wore a seatbelt around his heart
And they called him Safety Joe

Safety Joe, Safety Joe
(Safety Joe, Safety Joe)
What do you
Sleepy Joe
Sleepy Joe

Rise and shine, sleepy Joe
Now's the time, don't you know
To get into a new kind of dream
You've been living alone
You've got eyes like an old wounded soldier
They cry tears to be lost in the wind

Hey Joe
Hey Joe
Hey Joe
What are you gonna do?

I'll look for
(Matraca Berg/Randy Scruggs)

She fixes her hair every morning
Long before seven o'clock
She'll tell you with her hair that piled up
She feels
push folks around with fear
Cause we don't scare easy over here
No, no Joe

What makes you do the things you do?
You getting' folks mad at you
Billy Bathgate
Beware like Cocoa, yo I'm not a slow boat
Got so much dough I va-cate in Acapulco
Crazy as they come I'm not the one, we can do this
You can't push folks around with fear
'Cause we don't scare easy over here
No, no Joe

What makes you do the things you do?
You gettin' folks mad
You can't push folks around with fear
'Cause we don't scare easy over here
No, no Joe

What makes you do the things you do?
You gettin' folks mad
freaking out."
M2: "Acid's great man."
Joe: "It's the best."
M2: "Everytime I do acid man, I'm so high."
Joe: "Yeah, oh, you must be flipping out right now."
Hey Joe!How can we know
What you've been doing all these years?
It's not that I'm asking you for money
I just want you by my side

His brother Marc
some talking 
But he'll never know 

Tables have turned now 
With a child of her own 
But she's blind to the difference 
What's taught is that's
the sun went down
Killed someone's daughter
With the chain that they bought her
What's a daddy gonna do
But the most annoyed
Were the talk show
walking down highways and the by-ways 
Where do they go 
Moving on their way 
people with their shy ways and their sly ways 

Oh you can see the little
revenge Lunchlady 
Said the garlic bread 
I said what did I do 
To make you all so mad 
They said you got flabby arms 
And your breath is bad 
And now you tell me Billie Joe has jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge
Mama said to me child what's happened to your apetite
Well I've been cookin' all
What will the birds do, mother, in the spring
When they stop to gather crumbs around the door
Will they fly from the trees half as nice with glee
feet on the Mississippi Mud.
It's a treat to beat your feet on the Mississippi Mud.

What a dance do they do.
Lordy how I'm tellin' you.
They don't
that it mightn't be true?
What do you do?

Careful the things you say
Children will listen
Careful the things you do
Children will see
And learn
And you shined your glory all around
Do not disguise what we did
I asked you for half a pound and you said
'Go see Joe Harper, Saturday morning kid'
the children think
Where would the children go
What would the children do
If they knew the way it was
But they'll never learn because
What would
me a ticket back.
What you gonna do with folks like that?

You can talk about bands of angels,
And they think you come with your soul in your hands
Guess they'll never play it again Sam

Damn that was my jam, now she's on the lam
She made it out with 200 grand, what a scam!
While these two compete
just enough room to cram the drums
In the corner over by the dodge
It was a fifty-four

With a mashed up door
And a cheesy little amp
With a sign