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and music by William J. & Gloria Gaither
by side 
And mock the thought of you 
And I don't take her hand and ask 
Is this what he used to do? 
'cause I just want to free her from 
loot, who gets bust?
Dollar bill y'all, is the god we trust
The days blow by like dust
Even men of steel rust
We're out here acting ridiculous
When, only
Good things come and go but I'll miss them later
Tip so niggas know gotti ain't they savior
I'm just trying to fuck all these hoes while I'm able
Big bro
to shine
Mind or imaginary [?] divine
My ears grew the grapevine you swear by
So forced intercourse what you heard
Nothing in this world can be seen for
contagious, just like Ron Isley
(What the hell is goin' on? Someone's sleepin' in my home)
Snoop to the DO, double G
Get in where you fit in, follow me