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waitin' in front of the quadrant
And there are thousands in all the fearsome moments
Oh my God, The Lonely Island are a lot

We're removing the fans
The sky was full of diamonds
Some of them were falling
The cloud came by
And covered up the skyline

Voices in the distance, I could swear
I heard
Taylor & zac: "go back to the island boy"
Ya, ya, ya, ya,
Taylor & zac: "are you ready? how ya goin' get there? "
Isaac: "by mail boat"
Taylor & zac: "are
Lonely on an island shore
There's no one around.
The day is grown older now
As I catch the thought of you.

I lay awake at night
With you on my mind;
the sticks and ride around
There's a man up on a mountaintop who wants to go down and breathe the salt air by the shore
There's a guy on an island he ain't
You always were a city kid though you were country raised
And back in some forgotten time we shared the cold north days
But the simple life was not
It's strong island for real, where the critters run wild
The prefix is 516, the top of the dial
Through the L.I. Sound, to the villa down under
Well I'm just people watching, the other people watching me
We're all people watching, the other people watching we

We're as lonely as we want it
the palm tree shade
Standard Island beach Resort cliche, hey, but thats okay

Were laid back in Low Key, you and me on that white powered beach
Side by
the truth is
That I miss you so

A warning sign
It came back to haunt me, and I realized
That you were an island and I passed you by
When you were an island
People rejoiced instead of financing
Your preconceived notions were shattered
By these super old white people dancing

[The Lonely Island]
The Big Apple,
This song goes out to those with coke bottle glasses 
To all you lonely kids who were the last pick in gym classes 
We got your back - detract your
I walked across the bridge to the island
And sat down in the grass by the old homestead
I listened to the song of the cicadas
And thought about
the lonely widow
we could steal her credit cards
and buy a cottage by the ocean.
If we swim to Junk Island we'll burn up like the seagulls
and the whiskey
Heartbreak suzie don't you waste my time 
(she have me in a fantasy island)

Come booty by booty by booty by booty by booty by booty by hay!
I'm thinking now of Christmas
Back home the fields are white
To far away to see them
Wish I were there tonight.

I know folks back home all miss
Avalon- mystified island, heart of Britannia
Place of my childhood, core of my memory
Avalon- beloved sisters, waiting for me
Forget all my sins,
I like it. 

We climbed for hours and days and years 
And centuries the islands sole lonely mountain 
Until we were high enough to see the otters
silence on nowhere island
I can see the life I had passing by
In the place of dying I'm weeping crying
Too late to be forgiven for my sins and lies
In this
When you were Santorin
You were once worshiped as a fire king
South of Naxos, shaped by Scirocco heat
Far above surfacing the Sea of Crete, your feet
strictly on island time
I know you got someone back home
So do I it's tough alone
Aw come on, it's just a minor crime 


No plane on Sunday
and his crown
Raped the land we used to sleep in
Now tomorrow chimes of ghostly crimes
That haunt Tobacco Island

'Twas 1659 forgotten now for sure
and his crown
Raped the land we used to sleep in
Now tomorrow chimes of ghostly crimes
That haunt Tobacco Island

'Twas 1659 forgotten now for sure
When the warship's left Manila sailing proudly o'er the sea
All the sailors hearts were filled with fond regret
Looking backward to this Island
but suicide
Leaves such a bad
Aftertaste on the soul."

Oh ain't you glad that we live on an island,
You can choose your own way of being