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It's goin' down
Not now but right now
By now you know the sound
It's dilation, cats with 20/20

I tell nickel and dimers try
a zip, now I get some cash, G
"When will you get some money for Nikes?" my mama asked me
I got it selling nickle bags
Stress, weed, million seeds, where
In exclusive Irv and Jeffery jeans
Cash rules everything around me

My whole teams favorite color is green
Eventhough my 20/20 vision is
truthfully frank
Weed is knowledge, cause it makes me think
I pick anatomy and hem reality like Jah
Rastas read the bible, after puffin sensimillia
get blown
My adversaries cry like ho's
Open and shut like doors
Is you a friend or foe ?
Nigga you ain't know ?
They got me stressed out on Death
from the ghetto where guns are used by
Little ones that are often abused
20/20's Badlands the news consist of thugs
But Christians live here too, let's
Hydro indo (buddha!) 
Hah cocoa yo ya ya yo! 
I need some brown weed (lady) all day 
I need some brown weed (jenny) 
I need some cut (lady  lady)
feed (bahk bakh)
(a) Lil' dick and weed (bahk bakh)
Everything that a chicken need (bahk bakh)
Tryin' to pot I get real as Chris Rock
Make a bitch
than your fuckin icy 
Reaching my level is highly unlikely 
Precisely I'm the right king I be 
Why in the sam hell would you take it upon yourself
flock dives you’ll die
Why don’t you fly on by?
If your flock dives you’ll die

You can get up under the wind and glide away
The sky is big enough
Dope House Records is on fire
So grab the estinguisher
I smoked out in the beamer
Bout to get emphezema
Gun slingers rap singers
With more