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The jealousy and pain, 
Can we remain the same? 
The world will have to hold its breath. 
Want to be with you. 

I don't need a reason, 
What becomes of two people
Who don't see things the same way?
But don't want to hurt an old friend
Careful with words that might show our hand
another man
Your poor father thinks we're cursed
It's the same thing in reverse

It's the same thing in reverse
Nothing better nothing worse
what we need just to all be free
I want to be free
I want to be
By myself
By myself
I still look the same
All by myself
Hold on to this thing
love another man.
Your poor father thinks we're cursed.
It's the same thing in reverse.

It's the same thing in reverse.
Nothing better, nothing
're at the same old situation
We're at the same old loss for words
We're at the same old situation
Here it goes 

And if it could be
Girl I just want to walk
like to get real close to the flame
Once you feel the heat
You know they're never the same

Why do we want
What we know we can't have
Why don't we
could be All of the things that our great men have said What we are meant to be Be what we want to be What we deserve to be As time goes by, you will see
can be free,yes 
I want to be free,yes 
I want to be free 
I want to be free 

Oh, the way I'm shut out by your silence 
It's the loudest thing
realize it's what I want to do
It's what I want to do
They say I'm wrapped around your finger
But they don't understand
That what we got is more than just
and turn, then relax
Running from, running back
But it's still the same old thing

In your arms, yet again
Never want it to end
But it’s still the same
two things just the same
Baby you're a quick change artist
And everybody knows you by a different name

You told me what your name is
I showed you
to realize
I still have two strong legs, and even wings to fly

So I, ain't a wastin' time no more
'Cause time goes by like hurricanes, and faster things
maybe tomorrow won't be the same
Friends are the only thing you got
So keep then true and screw the lot
I don't want the times to change for me

Year by
Underneath we're all the same
We're all of the same

A man in Louisiana
He never called me by my name
He said "boy do this and boy do that"
But I never
things can change?
We're amazed how they stay the same
Oh, it's the same

So baby, just close your eyes
Nothing catches Jesus by surprise

You look
forget it
It's too bad that we had to break up
And too much said for us to every make up
I could get by if I could just forget you
But things remind me
It's very far away
It takes about half a day
To get there
If we travel by my, dragonfly

No it's not in Spain
But all the same
You know
It's a groovy
We've been friends forever
Lookin' for the same thing
And true love can be hard to find
Maybe we've been lookin' in all the wrong places
Cause we
the more things change
The more they seem to stay the same
Here we go again

It's a new day
It's almost like tomorrow never came
Same ole thing same
hey now

One man saw a healer doing such good, good things
One man saw a sinner by the holy sea
Well Jesus and the pharisees didn't see eye to eye
You don't know a thing about this life
And we are up for everything it takes
To prove we're not the same as them
And we will wear our masks
I don't want to be without you,
And I hope you feel the same too,
'Cause, baby, if you care,
Enough for me we'll share,

A lifetime,
Oh baby,
other there's a feeling I can't fight
And you take me to heaven every night
You smile and whisper I want you and we're makin' love again
By the way we
It's bad enough being under control
Same thing every day
Then at night
There's a place we can go
Where nothing can stand in our way

Night by