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Pillow fight
Video camera

Now we hooked up once
We've hooked up thrice
You've slept left side
And I've slept right
And we meet by
we're dry
And when we're lookin' like a roach, hit the lights
Before you say goodnight though
Let's make a toast yo
This ain't about this, that, what,
Here we go, yep yep I know
You ain't never seen it done like this befo'
Long hair blue eyes yes yes I flow
Yes I sing plus I bring the I'll beats
Hey, I want to see you dance like them girls in that Tip Drill video

Hey, let me see you get loose
Get loose, get loose, get loose
Hey, shawty,
to say when a label say we'll make you millions
Buy clothes for your children, you know she hit the ceiling
They sing for me, we'll bring you G's
Turn it up, make it pumpin' 
Let's sing it real loud 
Everybody get down 
Backstreet, Britney, 'N Sync, Christine 
Everybody talk about 
Pop music