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a tree you shall be
You'll be fed by the mountains, fed by the streams

(Set a sail) Set a sail for paradise (We'll leave in the morning)
(Set a sail
many hands
And the sea we are sailing on, it touches every land


So with our hopes we set the sails
And face the winds once more
And with our
leave the city
I'm gonna set sail
I'm gonna set sail
I'm gonna set sail

I fell asleep with the fireflies
Let the moonlight pass me by
On this long
The alcohol stores are running low
So into the deep blue yonder go
Set sail across the waves
Where we will stop no man can say
We'll end our quest by
my own

By the sea there stands a wooden boat
Stranded on the tidal line
Every night it almost sails away
Follow me, together we can set it free
the father hung up on the mother
And the children began to sing

Well, it’s a brand new day, yes
A brand new way, brand new day

We gotta put our heads
a paradise for you and for me

Set my sail by a star
Into a world of raging sea, left my home
Oh, goodbye my love, your tears broke my heart
But we
we are
We know who we are, who we are

Aue, aue
We set a course to find
A brand new island everywere we roam
Aue, aue
We keep our island in our
at the dawn of a brand new feeling
Just take your time and you'll see that the magic's on its way
Girl if we try 
We can set all our senses reeling
only have we to thank
If fool enough are we to walk the plank
Eternity to spend in mime
Drowning in the dying seas of time

With galleon astral sails set
heard by a precious few
But the years of night are gonna pass forever
When the sun comes shinin’ through

On a a brand new day
We're doin' in a brand new
Iraq gets more irate,
We really know nothing about them
And no one cares.
Aladdin and the forty thieves
Enhanced by brand new special effects.
of the time
I'm out by the dance hall
Best buddy by my side
He says I've got a brand new car
I want to take for a ride
I say can we take Joan and Freddie
We seen this all before
When all said is done,
Leave cups on the floors

We set sail with no fixed star in sight
We drive by rail in candle
And we'll be walkin' in the sunshine
Oh yeah!

Woah yeah
Woah yeah
And we'll be walkin' in the sunshine

Let's set sail for a brand new life
Stand Navy down the field,
Sails set to the sky.
We'll never change our course,
So Army you steer shy-y-y-y.
Roll up the score, Navy,
I used to love him; that ain't no lie
We had a good thing till he said goodbye
Then, with one touch, you set my heart ablaze
I'm burnin' old
return as we witness the shore

We sail the sea
We fight the storm
One hundred men caught by endless passion
Adventure Norse Men
A hunting eye
Stand Navy down the field, sails set to the sky.
We'll never change our course, so Army you steer shy-y-y-y.
Roll up the score, Navy, Anchors
are one
Hear the bells of liberation
The days of independence have begin
As the line remains unbroken
We'll set sail tonight
There is cause for
it comin' i-in, It's a brand new way-ay, oh yeah

Well we've got ourselves together and see where we go from here
We've got to fight for what we
of emotion, no clue of a notion 
Transfixed like a stone
Enthralled by the feeling of no feeling at all

Pushed by my sail
I am moved by
it to the rhythm
But I'll be your hot
To me, and lady let me set you free

Our love will shine at the dawn of a brand new feeling
Just take your
to thrill.

And all my enemies,
I want their eyes to see,
Their captain walk the plank
Destroy them, rank by rank.

Sail with me into the setting sun
line is the horizon.
We watch the wind and set the sail,
But save ourselves when all omens
Point to fail.

If I tell the truth
Then I will have