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With the waters that fell from above

Can you hear me?
Oh baby, can you hear me?

Like some late-night romantic
being a black man
See every hand is against my head, you understand
I speak from my hungry mouth, gun in my crouch
Bloody tears, so many faces died
let's go

[Paul Wall]
Look here, I'ma be real with you
Lil' mama's all up in my picture, want me to stick her with my dill pickle
My supreme, you need
on you
If you all by yourself, ah ah ah, say it
I don't need no friends, I don't need no foes
I'ma drink my Henn, and choke all out the door
Now everybody
the woodland o'er the hills and by the shore
Hear the mighty rush of the engine, hear the lonesome hobo's call
As you ramble across the country on that Wabash
the talking
I need to hear so much
Touch by touch
Now you're getting closer
To what I want so much

I can tell by the woman in me
You're the man that I
love, I need thee. Ain't there goin' to be a row! Meet you by and by.

Get away from that window, my love and my dove. Get away from that window, don't
night and listen
As we used to sing in the evening by the moonlight

In the evening by the moonlight
You could hear banjos ringing
You could hear
Coming through, hear the sound, pack it up, clear it out
Run and take the nearest route, we all up in your house
You see the tiger crouch, yeah you
Again with a smile
Don't touch me I'm falling
She laughs in the night
Don't touch me I shall return
When the wheel comes around
You see we
And we need Your grace today, yes, we do
Hear us as we pray

Our Father, who art in Heaven
Hallowed be thy name
Our Father, hear us from
everything I need when I got you by my side
And let the rest burn
And let the rest burn

Put your hand in mine and
Put your heart in driving
We got
laughed about how good things used to be
This big city ain't good for me
I'll meet you down by the cottonwood tree

I need a John Doe on a John Deere
, happened to you
One more tear that you won't hear
That's gone and passed you by
Happened to you, happened to you

A little bit of resolve is what I need
a government
And the weapons of destruction we've built
We're so sure that we need
And you think of the millions and millions 
That money could feed

Three passports, Three first class tickets to the money 
Straight flights 

I live by the cold war 
Drove from round the globe 
All I need is
I'm sorry
And I need to hear from you
I was wrong that's why I
Girl I need you to
Please return my call
Promise I regret it all
Only we know what I lost
like you
She said you fuck wit the niggas, you know how they do
We roll out, 'cause we see another we another set of dudes
So one, minute later, hear
But you're the closest thing to heaven
I need you to be near

Hear me darlin', hear me darlin'
I can't make it more clear
The only thing that's
Need you back in my arms again
Passion calls from deep inside
It only happens when my love cries

You make my heart sing
When love cries
You make
scream our name
Bonded By Blood we arise

I can't hear you
From the left to right
The circle keeps turning so
Stand up and fight
I can't hear you
scream our name
Bonded By Blood we arise

I can't hear you
From the left to right
The circle keeps turning so
Stand up and fight
I can't hear you
whipped by sand
A great new silence blankets the land
We sure need the stone age
In the coming century
Who will feed the poor
Now that the saint
of Babylon) 
There we sat down (You hear the people cry) 
Ye-eah we wept, (They need that power) 
When we remember Zion. (Ooh, have the power)
24 hours in a day I need ten mo'

Had to make sure it was cool baby, the call from up top
Is it, is it cool?

I'm a federal hoe nigga do shit