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is just one oar leaning against the wall
What of our plans for paddles in the Fall?
With the reeds grown high in a winding maze
We were to follow
the oars and made my start
To look for her on raging waters and the rain on Ponchartrain

At darkness I still called but no one heard my cries at all
Three sisters
Came to me last night
Last night
They said, "There's a boat
On the shore
A gas lantern and one oar
For your trip
Go home
on our hand made plate
The bubbles we see far away
We can just put meanings on it
We'll be reaching way up
north by then
Why don't you understand
can make 
On a lake in the park 

It's an ocean of devotion 
A floating dream for two . . . 

Oh, I keep hopin' that 
The oars will stray 
So we could
was made for some
Tomorrow may never come for all we know

(instrumental interlude)

So love me tonight; tomorrow was made for some
Tomorrow may
But I call it love.


You made a plaything out of romance,
And what were you thinking of?
For now you call it madness, 
But I
But I call it love.


You made a plaything out of romance,
And what were you thinking of?
 For now you call it madness,
But I
It's value in the past ten years
Has increased twenty fold
I hope the man
Won't change too much
Oh mister owner please
I'd love to drive by one more
thus slowly, one by one 
It's quaint events were hammered out 
And now the tale is done and home we steer 
A merry crew 
Beneath the setting sun
I don't have faith in technology,
Even though we created it.
All this stuff just breaks down anyway,
And you can never get it fixed.
But I do
a Shangri-la
Oh what a shell we are
Oh what a mess we've made
What happened to those days
When everything seemed possible
With no-one to tell you no
made a lot of promises I ain't seen yet 
And I ain't gonna ask you please 

We know 
None of us are gonna cry 
It wasn't even worth the try 
I've cried so much lately that I've made out of list
Of things to remember things to forget
But my mind can't separate all the joy from regret
And my crew are the bravest ever handled an oar
And not by the tempest, they laugh at its roar

No ballroom can tempt me nor raise my despair
A romantic interlude  [x5]

While driving I was thinking, as you slept in my lap
I was thinking of the things we could be doing, baby
Back at my flat, you
Please let the rain in. open all the windows wide. let the wind blow that furious thing inside to spring forth some life. I feel it pulsing: a buried
Watching as it flies by (Spy the unknown)
Focus on the quiet oars
Tell me how far you'd go (Go where you like)
Knowing your air won't last (Last one to know)
Valhalla, this is where I belong, I belong

We crash o'er the waves
Bite deep on the oars
Scouring the spray
On the storm's maul
Then lightning reveals
drying by a fire
Yours are there right next to mine
I still hear the rain and I still can taste the wine

And it's hard to believe but those old shoes
Laid awake throughout the night
Today the school's so loud
And now it's all so quiet
I plan to pack light
'Cause tomorrow we'll fly
Taking off
an angry oar
And cursed that blue divide

As if it weren't enough
To still be stranded on the wrong side
I landed in the surf
When a breaker hit my
This is it,
Tow the line.
We barely made it back this time.
On the deck, half-open eyes
Looking up to see the sunlight.

Swing and sway,
right in two 
You know I was never leaving 
In each other, we're believin' 
Lust will never catch us grieving 
Along the way we command it to stay
I, I've been wrong before,
but I know for sure
that I saw you last night 
out with another guy.
It nearly made me cry,
so I'm telling your girl: