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shaitani r rajimi
Bismi 'llahi 'r-rahmani 'r-rahim
Dedicated, to my grandmother
Peace! And much love to you
Yeah! And it start
1st and, 15, proudly
the truth
I'll say it is the truth, I'll take all the pressure off of you
Take pressure off of you, I'll take, the pressure off of you

[Lupe Fiasco
I swang on em swang on em [repeat x2]

[Bun B]
Now if you come to this t.e.x.
Betta show some love cause homey you don't wanna see me plex
We be
[Lupe Fiasco]
Uh, Food & Liquor
Yeah, my man said he wanted something real, 
Real, real, real, real
Something he could recognize, something he
Uh, what up ya'll
Soundtrack what's poppin' baby
Ya'll ain't know
I go by the name of
Lupe Fiasco
Representin' that 1st & 15
And this one
Now If You Come To This T.E.X.
Betta Show Some Love Cause Homey You Don't Wanna See Me Plex
We Be Bout Dat Paper And Ain't No Shortstop In My Cash
I was in love wit him since I was 12
By age 14 I was just catching hell
He was the star of the football team
Other girls wanted to fulfill his
and pushed in this fiasco, like Lupe.
Back that ass up like Juve, cause the south we giving them satisfaction.

Ever since I signed with luda and them, my
(Lupe Fiasco)
Yeah, Just a lil bit (just a lil bit) And it goes
Lifestyles of the rich and famous
Bought a big house and a whole lot of rangers
they missed back when they were sixteen
And all they want to do is push you to be that
And all you want to do is scream back

Lupe Fiasco:
They're gonna
like sky to a bell
And its well and its fine and its fine if we fell
And you can refined the story line if you survive to a tell
We are targets, hello
windows, you couldn't break em wit a padlock
Ak in tha trunk, where tha sounds bump
Two twin glocks and a nine in his damn crotch
fiascos over a loop by P.E
If it's an I instead of we believing TV
Spitting riches, bitches, and this new thing about snitches
Watch them asses move
fiascos over a loop by P.E
If it's an I instead of we believing TV
Spitting riches, bitches, and this new thing about snitches
Watch them asses move
Kevin Michael, Lupe Fiasco
Hey, little girl, don't cry, dry your eyes
I wrote this song for you
Now, it goes down

Can you imagine every world?
it, bust the club

And there's nothing you can do to hold 'em off
And when the beautiful women be showing off
We're 'bout to cause a riot in this
did you did (you did you did you did)
But I love it

Girl I want you to know (I want you to know)
I can't get you out of my head (Lupe)
My head my head
rapper because all you suck
I severe the weakest niggas who not on my pedigree
Because on the tombstone its as hard as it will ever be
I'm judged by my
don't take a chance
But we never listen, we went and did it, they vision impaired
So what do you fear, and why are you scared?
Why are you scared?
Gotta make some sense, from this mess that we made

You're doin everything momma told ya not to do
Now you're tryin to walk away cause ya know
niggas, but I think you the best
You don't need no Khaled, 'cause that's on me, valid
Let me push my brother, we don't need no malice
Niggas raised in
And now Ladies & Gentlemen, Lupe Fiasco

Filet mignon with my food stamps
Car cosigned by my mama
Medical card from Obama
Background check for
the real shit, hey I got cha
You see ma people here, you know we proper
You know we do it right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right

And I'm
break the pussy like an Asian cookie
You the type to shave your face to make your anus bushy
Tie a knot in your shirt right by your stomach
You make me
Create monopolies
Except they collect a fee when you pass go

Crisis' international
The government de facto
We got no control in this fiasco