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were new Bob Dylans, your dumb ass kid brothers

Well, we still get together every week at Bruce's house
Why, he's got quite a spread I tell ya, it's
till we're out of state 
And when they find us it'll be too late.

Bob-Bob-Bob-Bob-Bobbie Sue 
Can't, can't you see my love is true 
I want
Friday night
Got the windows rolled down
The seat reclined
Givin' everybody that rock on sign
Yeah, turn it up to ten
Hey, y'all join in
Bob that head
Bob that head
Awwh, awwh, ah
Yeah yeah, yeah,yeah

Tricked out truck kit
Runnin' boards black lit
KC roll bar
Had to mow an extra yard
Last week, uh, in Nashville, Bob Dylan, one of the top writers
Well, I don't need to tell you who Bob Dylan is
The greatest writer of our time was
Man, those were the days (those were the days)
We listened to the songs Bob Dylan wrote
We sat there stoned and amazed
We forgot to eat, we forgot
with you 

Cause when we're both together 
We know that it's 

Something so right 
Dylan I never knew someone could make me feel
the silence of the frozen room was shattered
By a kid who shot before he called his name

He looked up at his killer
>from the floor where he had fallen
I keep having dreams
Of pioneers and pirate ships and Bob Dylan
Of people wrapped up tight in the things that will kill them
Of being trapped in
Bob Dylan
Ever comtemplating, the charges I'm facing
My new-born son, I hope I see his graduation
Take him to the movies, by the cemetary
If my
than you thought
You were today
You've gotta stay optimistic
It gets harder by the second
We all know we're edging our way toward - the end
heard a noise 
And as he turned his head 
Well, the bullet killed him dead 
Fired by Bob Ford, one of the boys 

Poor Jesse had a wife 
She lived
standing by a house at night, going up in flames and smoke
I was losing everything, it really was no joke
To cap it off I'm naked, and there's people all
Bob Dylan if I had to do it I would die
Maybe seems to you like a risky thing to do but there is no conflict in my heart

Hey misdemeanors don't make
Written by Bob Dylan
Copyright 1964 M Whitmark & Sons/ Warner Chappell Music (ASCAP)

It might be the color of the sun cut flat
And covering
Bob- Where?! Whadda ya doing?

Doug- Snow, hosehead.

Bob- Wha? Oh, it's the Great White North, and it's snowing,
cause it's Christmas time.
We see it in Mount Zion
And Rules all creation

[Bob Marley]
Were jammin' [Repeats]
Hope you like jammin' to [Repeats]

[MC Lyte]
it's B.o.B., flyer than a stewardess
Fresh to death like I'm dressed for a eulogy
My outfit's retarded, my flow is the stupidest, dumb
I'll probably need
Bob Dylan

Fare thee well, my own true love. I'm leavin' the first hour of the morn.
I'm bound off for the bay of Mexico and maybe the coast
women and they don't stop swimming
I got a finger in the town, baby
Hey, hey, hey

Bob Dylan was a vegetable's wife
Game over, hope you had a good
The man in the coonskin cap by the big pen
Wants eleven dollar bills you only got ten

Look out, kid
Look out, kid, because it's somethin' that
They grabbed bob, he started screamin'
It was all my fault

There were men and dogs 
And helicopter buzzin' all around
They had the brothers
(Bob Dylan)

Old Reilly stole a stallion
But they caught him and they brought him back
And they laid him down on the jailhouse ground
With an iron
together again
It's been twenty-five years
Of spreading infection
Somehow we're not affected
So my mom, she brushes her hair
And my dad starts growing bob
of your suitcase
You're taking everything, you've got my heart on a string
Just tell me where we are going
All I am is where you are
And I never knew you