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Remy Boyz they know the crew name
Chopper kickin' we call it Liu Kang baby
Pay attention to how we move things
Fuck niggas they screamin' Zoo Gang
Remy Boyz they know the crew name
Chopper kickin' we call it Liu Kang baby
Pay attention to how we move things
Fuck niggas they screamin' Zoo Gang
Yo yo yo Roc-A-Blok, yo
Yo yo yo, yo! Huh! Yo!

All y'all call on me like Bell Atlantic
Pack a four-four, got weed and never panic
Bout to blow up
all that for holding it down
selling the c.d.s its good, yes
your boy Chingy,
GIt It Boyz, Got the third album coming out real soon
You gon'
Limit Soldiers)
Yeah, Dogghouse Production
Dogghouse wreckin, bow wow
(white white white white white boyz)
That's how we doin it for the nine-nine
liquor and weed was heavy
And have me and corone their dreams

By the time I was seven my mom left my pop
Then we moved to the south side of Yonkers,
I'm letting ya know that ya'll cruise the block
'cause I ain't got no cash for the Marriot
all I got is enough cash to fill this Bonneville up with
You decide to keen your pride 
I ain't waiting ain't got no patience 
Raised by the Grove I ain't got an education 
24 7 shawty fuck a vacation
A thousand fuckin grams, lil whodi, I got dat
Goin for sixteen five, you want it then holla back!
We in the project livin nigga, rollin with my boyz
Boyz N Da Hood, in the hood I be
We out the fryer, freakin' hoes with Gs
Give [Incomprehensible] to sniff

For all the J's I got thanks to give
If crime
on his Compton hat
Told me when I got older I would understand that
It's blood in blood out and ain't no turnin' back
Few summers went by and we moved
On the weekend him and my pops flashed the 'Vette
'Til one weekend my uncle got stabbed to death
He got murdered by a fiend my pops ain't like that
He was from
the rubber
Till I got caught fuckin' with her mother
She blamed it on me we fought in the street
She pulled out a knife so I had to fleet
Called up
And I'll be loving you forever
(You're all that I need to get by)

I used to play hard to get, like a sample on a hook
We used to play with the pots, you
I'm too far from my family to travel
I just came unraveled
Socked the D.A. before I got gaffled
Owned by C.A, State Property
Just like the year fifteen
guillotine see, we be them southern playas
Remember the football socks, aerobic Reeboks and Decaturs, now
You up to par and ready fo yo lesson
I got
for you boy (My nigga)

[Master P]
Them boyz can't stop us
They got us loadin em choppaz
They wanna do it come pop it
Man we see em we drop em
d-town boys, carry the calico
Whenever there's war, you gots to know
Them boys got toys, tear down the front do'
Detroit make noise everywhere that we
rappin, you wasn't even tappin
Now that I'm done, you pat me on the back
and say what's happenin, I love the rhymes you announce
Heavy D's in effect with
is cool, but Blue Boyz come through
And make you and all, your boy toys old new
Who want drama, Sir get the Hummer
We bout to bang up the block,
where'd you meet her?
At the playground, ya' know

Okay, I guess you know by now
Big smash moves
Pants inside out

Into the Mizzark, chillin' in
me that's word to my pow
They don't know what, what the fucks goin' on
What the fuck get outta here
Let me go and do this by myself
Got my 4-4 from
marbles nigga 

But I got two sides 

Damn it feels good to be back in the Yea Area  I mean the Westside 

With these motherfuckin West Coast Bad Boyz
But AIDS ain't got no fuckin name
All you chancy niggaz that's playin cute
Don't jump, without a parachute

Yeah here we go as I shoot from
Boyz II Men to the End of the Road
Yo we boys to the end never been in the cold
You got me, I got you till our souls grow old
He shot you, he shot me,