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the good life's supposed to be
So give it up because it didn't come by luck
'Cause I could give a shit [Incomprehensible]

Gimme that bomb, gimme that
the lights on
Drop bombs
Do tours of the East
Contract diseases

Bury bones
Break up homes
Send flowers by phone
Take to drink

Go to shrinks

Shall we buy a new guitar?
Shall we drive a more powerful car?
Shall we work straight through the night?
Shall we get into fights?
twurkin' - we workin'
She got to be slurpin' - for certain

Project and hood rat bitch is who I like
A bitch that's 'bout ridin', and goin' on flights
a sandwich first with government cheese
Uncle Black got a new sawed-off
When them booty kids show up we gone blast they ass off
Niggas be mean mugging wide

Hydrogen bomb, new signs of doom
Thermo-nuclear, neutron bomb too
You say these devices must never be used
I say you're mistaken, let's get
Of the B-I-G-G-I-E, you know it's me
Hoes I thought you know I'm smooth as a babies ass
Smooth as Teeddy Pendegrass, smoke the grass, get in your ass
The Brooklyn
a hundred twenty three nine hundred and ninety nine
thousand convicts
Wanted by the beast in the hellified streets
With nullified beef and combat swamp rats
a sticka
First grade, second grade
I shoulda just kicked a
Verse in the middle of class
Instead of singin' bout bombs
Like a dumb ass
Land of the free
briefcases ignore him
Been lying here for days
Not my problem, man
Look man, this is new york

Now the rats are coming to feed
Every night they bring more
paid fo', friends they roll
Private jets down to Turks and Caicos

Crist' caseloads, I don't give a shit
Nigga one life to live, I can't let a day go
the bomb
And you got it going on
Give me some of your Thug Passion, baby
You got me dripping wet
From the way you make me sweat
Give me some of your Thug
Workin' with some ass that could give good head

Can't forget about this bitch up in Philly on Richard Island
Freak-nasty bitch that's always swallowin'
paid for
Friends they roll
Private jets down to Turks and Caheos
Chrys case loads
I don't give a shit
Nigga one life to live I can't let a day go
And I'm back for more
New York's ambassador
Prime Minister back to finish my business up

What more can I say?
What more can I do?
I give this all to you
Girl turn your ass around, and bring it back
Come here baby, we the niggas you wan be standing by
I’m there, I’m standing on sumthing so hold your
flashback, two feats, two deep up in that ass crack
Weed laced with somethin'  nigga pass that
In Amsterdam we only hang out with hash rats
At a 'Stop
drama, let me talk to you mami 

Maybe you could come to Dirty Jerz, New Jeru, witcha crew 

You bring that ass, I'll bring the brew 

And hit some
the tags
Spent some grands on the Louie luggage check the bags
Get outta line with me partner I'm a check yo ass
I'm fresh to death so baby check my swag
Even if they patrol I make payroll
Benz paid for
Friends they roll
Private jets to the Turks and Caicos
Cris' case loads
I don't give a shit
new Benz
Or your bouji friends
And I don’t need love looking like diamonds
Looking like diamonds

We start out so cute in our baby pictures
That momma
that's too damn bad.

Soon as my voice's touch's or even get's close to a track
It's rat-a-tat-tat-tat I'm droppin' bomb's on they asses
Burn you up in


Uh huh
All you punk ass motherfuckers
The real steel is in the heel for year feel
Brand new, we're nowhere a year ago, yeah
or something
Multitasking, cooking breakfast, making a nigga wanna (smack that ass)
See, I met this bitch on Crenshaw, she told me give her a ride
I said "If I
and hit the World Series
Run the rat race, yo' conspiracy theories
I'm kinda upset about the new world order
You wonder how they're leadin' all the lambs