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shipment I'm gettin' in
(Lil Wayne)
I mean I'm sayin' it sound good, I like that
What that's a blunt?
(Lil Wayne)
Light that, Nigga
gettin' crazy,
And it seems to get worse everyday
So come on back Jesus,
And pick up John Wayne on the way

It's getting real hairy
If only old duke
the blues

[Lil Wayne]
Now we all do dumb things
Playin' with Wayne doesn't have to be one of 'em
I'll murder his father right in front of him
prepared to pop
Can't let it slide 'cause these lil boyz ain't right
Somebody gon' die tonight when we ride tonight
I'ma clear your set if I heard your
bitch up on my side I might be gettin on her ass or im
gettin on her thighs flag me down dont even try it 
Im Full Of Dat Shit 
[Lil Boosie] Now you
he swervin' by
That's your issue - God bless ya - you deserve to die

[Lil Wayne]
Which one of these niggas playin' with me?
I'ma strap up
and my son, Wheezy, got a house by the water
I'll be fuckin' bad bitches (bad bitches, bad bitches)

[Lil' Wayne]
I be hittin' they daughters

name when the music stop
Young money Lil' Wayne
Then the music drop
I make it snow
I make it flurry
I make it out alright tomorrow don't worry
gin 'fore youu get to sinnin' on them busters
Emptied his clip, passed by like he didn't know me
Everybody duckin', my fuckin' lil' homies

Lil' homies
lil' homies
We robbin' motherfuckers nigga, Thug Life, Outlawz! West Side
You know what time it is, my lil' homies

You know what the fuck you gotta
that it game now look we H-O-T
We ride in wars if we beef then we playin for keeps

(Lil Wayne)
What you ain't found out bout us 
Cash Money
on nigga 
Through the week 
Me, Wayne, Juve, and the B.G. 
How you luv it now boy 
You brove ha 
'cause you're cold and we're hotter than a stove ha
darling off that heezing darling 
I', surrounded by the ice it got me freezing darling 
It's plain and simple 
My change and it's natural 
Now Wayne
that it game now look we H-O-T
We ride in wars if we beef then we playin for keeps

(Lil Wayne)
What you ain't found out bout us 
Cash Money
[Lil Wayne]
We have them bitches like it was unplugged
Its Weezy wee, Mannie fresh, and unplugged
We have them bitches like it was unplugged
[Lil Wayne]
You know how we do it
Weezy and Petey, baby
This here is 500 Degreez
Holla at 'em dogg

[Petey Pablo]
Cause I know I
we ain' missing nigga
I'm a hit cha in yo melon split it to da fat
Leave yo moms on da front level draped in black

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 3 Lil Wayne &
wig cooked when I'm done 

{Lil Wayne} 

now hold up be	-Geezy, what seems to be the blood clot? 

is it enough for me to go shoot up them drug
Me and Lil Wayne keep it real like we supposed to
It's a few niggas carros (???) that i get close to
Any other I put a slug above their shoulder
my residence
Ain't got on no suits 'cause we ain't tryin' to be presidents

(Hook2x [Lil' Wayne + Baby])
[Lil' Wayne]
Nigga, we done moved more
Birdman I shine
22's on it?
The bitch ain't mine
I taught her the game ma
I gave it all to her
Weezy Wee my son I give it all to him
[Lil Wayne
a nigga to jail
Cause they loving a freak

(Lil' Wayne)
In my section it be off the heezy
And my section's being represented by Lil' Weezy
What the deal
sleep with 'em
See, we can sweep with 'em 'cause it get deep with 'em
And when it comes down to drugs, I'm on the streets with 'em

[Lil Wayne]
whisperin' cause you niggas ain't hollering about shit
Ho, Puss Ass Niggas

[Lil Wayne]
Birdman Jr. Fuck the world pops
And we goin' keep it movin'
(Lil' Wayne) 
Guerilla.....what!!!..what!!!....untamed guerilla 
Everyday I hear somebody bustin' choppers 
They be makin' it hot