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And touch you with their fingertips
They're bringing out the dead now
It's easy just to look away
They are bringing out the dead now
It's been
he walked right past, what a dick
I think he's gone now, ready set, now jet
You better run Jack run Jack don't stop yet
There's a patrol car,
the papers
They're supposed to be decent yes sayers
but now they trash like punkrocks and ravers
Hellraisers raised by failures and fools
What we need are some
weapon hammers away
Blood and intestines spray
Crystal snow now covered in red
Won't stop until they are dead
Recon patrol 17 won't make it home
keep it movin' they run, run, run
You got no hustle you got
You end up layin' in blood, blood, blood
We all just tryin' to get by

Check this check
before we run out of gas 

Now you can't catch me 
No baby, you can't catch me 
Cause if you get too close 
You know I'm gone like a cool breeze
the blame
We'll run away and get married anyhow

They warned us that we can't live on love forever
But we just tell them we'll get by somehow
, They're already dead.

If they're going to play it dirty, so are we...
They're already dead, They're already dead.
They can keep their lies about
Now that San Francisco's gone
I guess I'll just pack it in
Wanna wash away my sins
In the presence of my friends

You and I, we head back east
in Africa 
Watch the slow boat hit and run 

When the evening fires burn 
The daylight dead and gone 
With you beside me we can run 

[Dred Scott]
And while patrol was on the lookout for two crooks
a-outta the car we snuck into the back of a truck and we was GONE..
word is bond..
brown bear should run away ... they got to find him and cut
Him down. if a man in a velvet suit is seen they got to run him out
Of town. When the FBI are
tracks by a bullet from a lawman's gun
Oh, you can't rest a minute when you're livin' life on the run
Here we go

The white lines on the road, that's
from the chill
And by the grace of God
We will be in Massachusetts

You can tell me about the times you spent
In the Rockies and on the plains
your head
They're only there until you're dead

unforgivable down
It won't be so long now
Out of the darkness comes light
Like a flash
At least that's what I read
Can't we all get along, well
We do now the newspapers says
It's great to be here today
Now that hate's gone away
We'll all
No regrets I'm blessed to say the old me dead and gone away

Oh, I've been travelin' on this road too long
Just tryin' to find my way back home
of worthless memories
There's a shadow in my backyard
I've got a house full of things that I can't touch
Well all those things won't do me much good now
Say a prayer for the cowboy
His mare's run away
And he'll walk til he finds her
His darling, his stray
But the river's in flood
And the roads
hard and then they're gone
Don't throw our love away, away, away
In the dark before the dawn

You've got to hold on
To all the dreams we've made
Birds are circling above
They're called back to a waiting glove
Oh, why don't they fly away?

Surely they have gangs by now
There is no gun to shoot
Look here see
Pretty Mike shanked Two-Face Al over some gal
Found the body dead in the isles
Death by strangulation, microphone cord, a dirty broad
That some two-legged wolf would run away with you

So run ‘em off, no use to talk all day
Run ‘em off, they’re trying to get you to play
Run ‘em off,
blew away

Now the oil's gone
And the money's gone
All the jobs are gone
Still we're hangin' on

Down in dry county 
They're swimming in the sand
Some two legged wolf would run away with you

So run 'em off, no use to talk all day
Run 'em off, they're tryin' to get you to play
Run 'em off and make