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And we're together tonight
Summer love made it right

Summer love
They called it summer love
But some how it's real
Could see by that look in your eyes
on smash
We got the summer on smash, summer on smash
Y'all know who got the summer on smash (we do)

It's the jam here, check it
It's the summertime,

Lovers smile from photographs of endless summers by the sea
Still hear old friends joke and laugh
From the past they call to me
Saying, "Hold
of cain and his devious deed
It permeates society circling like a vulture
The lid's flung wide and we call it our culture
That's the box you can never close
Let me call you darlin', maybe call you sweetheart
Don't you hate it when they call you Louise
But isn't it scary, when they want to call you Mary
homie we too sensitive, it spill out to the streets
I make the call and get the coast involved then history repeats
But while sitting down with Jay
Jasmine and Jeniffer
Jaw bone in, Jessica come runs by the messenger
They all know when it come to the hoes
I get em down and they on under clothes, in them
that its cold I don't know here to go 
I can't wait for the seasons to change to bring me back to my 
Summer love, summer love (I remember my) 
The floor
You live for the green
I hold your flame
So why? 

There's a shape over the ocean
As we're picked off one by one
Summer's gone
summer dress
     The reasons why I misbehave
     You say you're a woman
     Not a little girl
     I can tell by the way you smile
     The time
I do this job dirty 
Donna Karan New York call it Fatal Dogg New Jersey 
Niggas ain't seen time I travel courts & dream crime 
My room like
Yeah, I like it when the girls
Stop by in the summer
Do you remember?
Do you remember
When we met, last summer?
New Kids On The Block
Black Head against the sky
Between the rocks that run down to the sea
Living on your western shore, saw summer sunsets, asked for more
I stood by your
each patchwork row The valley of the shadow cannot call her from her seams Piece by piece and stitch by stitch in fading candle glow Until finishing her
It was the start of the summer and the days were getting hotter, yeah
18 was just around the corner
And mamma made plans for a party by the pool side
It was the start of the summer and the days were getting hotter, yeah
18 was just around the corner
And mamma made plans for a party by the pool side
Where I was born time was told, 
Not by the clock nor the calendar, 
But by the seasons.  

Summer was carefree contentment,
Autumn was that
Dear mom,
Did you get the disk I sent?
The one with all the songs we used to sing in the car
Waylon, The Eagles, Kenny Rogers and Donna Summer
what's with you fox
Can't you take me to your box
I came here to see your meter
They call me Peter the meter reader"
By the time he found my meter it
back at home
I said "I tried to call you
But we can still double date, me plus y'all two"
She didn't get what the joke was all about
And she slapped

Call up the captain we've got Kreuger on the line 
He's got a box of chocolates and a valentine 
And MI5 have got a bone to pick with Moses
tells us all that we belong and it swells us up with pride 
We?ll all hear it together and walk there side by side 


High on a hillside
they call me jack n the box
My shit is so dope, its like cracking a pop

shine that light on me, put that light on me
Cause I was sent to the world, by G
And chases reason far away...
Far away...
And still your gypsy wind
Will soothe my soul and call me
back again.

Growing wise with age
We come to see