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concerts whipped up the American way to raise
money for guns for the greedy! So stay tuned and dig in those heels

It's USA
What if no one would kill for their religion 
What if no one ever had to go to war 
What if the children of the world made world decisions
and toil
will teach an old dog new tricks
Why and the world can't everybody
recognize that Africa's in everybody?
we all ask why can't we be sista's
're as lucky as can be
We got hold of something here worth holding to
Yeah the USA is made for me and you

In the good ol' USA I'd just like to say
Africa you are so beautiful
Some dey sick, some dey well, some dey tatafo, some dey aproko
We dey call oghene, we dey call chineke
Wetin go save us from
As quiet as it's kept, I won't go into depth
You could talk about Nigeria, people used to laugh at ya
Now I take a look, I see USA For Africa?

We propose to live in Africa

This mess, yes we detest
Controlled by another hand
They're puppets, they're just some puppets
Their thing's just
got it all worked out for Africa
And in our naivety we believe myths and overconsume
And give them our consent
Dying in the shadow of the USA
the killing
Tell me why we die, we all God's children

World is hating, that's forever (uh, c'mon)
It's time that we stand together (yeah, for the world
the Jammin'
K is for a Kiss
L is for Lovin'
M is for Mommy
N is for Nice
O is for Oh my
P is for People time
Q is for Quick
R is for Ready

Bend down low,
the world are now HIV positive with the overwhelming majority residing in Africa

Mass confusion

In Pittsburgh had shot and killed one Jewish neighbor
the children
We are the children of the world

Underneath the blue
In a solitary light
Guiding by a star
A star in the night

The enemy we see
Is the enemy
L and a 0 and a V and a E
That good for you and that good for
Man and woman in a relationship
You don't have love it cannot exist
So I insist that
started buggin, we used to cool at the mall
But on the S.T., the Sneak Tip, they prayed for my downfall
I used to cruise by in my rock and always hear them
your lighters
We're a little older, little brighter
Time goes by, time flies
So don't you wait for anything

Everybody wanna piece Americana (USA
to see you
tokyo, 7 p.m.

suddenly, an answering machine
starts by itself 
and talks all night 
the tokyo night, mysterious 

waiting for
to see you
Tokyo, 7 p.m.
Suddenly, an answering machine
Starts by itself 
And talks all night 
The tokyo night, mysterious 
Waiting for the lights
on this CD 
Cuz y'all never sang a song for me before" 
And ah, this was written by mama 
And this is what mama told me to tell y'all 
She said 

"Welcome to the show!"
"Today, more drugs are coming into America than ever before"
"We have the best intelligence in the world, 
We can stop anything we
conversation it comes out in a line so let it
Out P (what), let it out P (what), let it out P (what), my nigga let it out

Star Track, is who we are 
than you and me
The whole city is a dance floor
(Huh) It's a celebration
For the whole world to see
Things are really changing
From Africa to Asia
is man
We clip up over here nigga

What's Your Name Fool?

Capital P, Bandanna P, V-I-P, M-V-P
Are-S-V-P or are-I-P, V-S-O-P, A-S-A-P
(Am) marking the new e (G) ra, keeping Trinidad in Ameri (C) ca

For this great man jubilation, was evinced by the entire population
Friendship for
and boys I'm rapping round' the world for!
Africa to New York,
Haiti then I detour,
Oakland out to Auckland
Gaza Strip to Detroit,
Say hip-hop only destroy
London to Jamaica,
L.A to Africa
She makes me wanna
Oh oh oh oh oh!
Makes me wanna
Oh oh oh oh oh!

I think her eyes are hypnotizing me
Something about her