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the gospel soil at Jonestown 
Our party employs no politician 
Our feuds are not commissioned 
We may not eat tonight 

We've sharpened our teeth,
Conductor of ashes
The structure of fear
Mythic malignance
The realm of screams

The sacrifice is formalized
By demand of his dreams
We are
of industrial sludge 
And paint a sunrise so dark it will never return 

So please stop acting like this comes from somebody else 
'Cause we've commissioned
we wishing
I've been commissioned to deprison the prism of your mind
Spit the wisdom of the one devine
Close encounter of the wonder kind, front
Yeah, I got a question, after the show
After the set, after the music stops, what's next? 
Are we just writing songs or are we concerned 
see is what you get

We only hard on them facts
Best believe we the illest
'Cause you bouncing to beat created an illustrated
By some c Christian emcee
to India leavin four successor states
By the Fifth century B.C., R.O.M.E.
succeeds to be the conqueror of Egypt and Greece
But had the threat of the Black