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Here they come, we are surrounded
We’re outnumbered with no place to run
So we’re staying here, lifting up a prayer
Deliver us

Hear that voice
you balance on
And watch me balance on

Instrumental passage here
We're playin' it now
But you are not among us here
To play like you know how
Beg us
You are holy
I will lift my voice to you
And sing it with the angels
You are holy, You are holy
We will offer you our praise
In a mighty Chorus
You are
to sing like the pros
Here, you'll learn all of the current, trendy, vocal techniques used by virtually all of today's chartbusters
I'm sure you
are captured by You
Surrender to You
We'll never be same
Cause You are here
We're alive to praise You,
Give our glory to You
We'll never be same
It is you that God brought

[Killah Priest]
Places Where Pharoahs Go (Pharoahs)
Mind... (Pharoahs)
Guess that makes two, me and you

By the way, my name's Jones
Hey, I know a place, it's not far from here
That's my dented red Chevy out front

Your love surpasses all by far
We're praising You for all You are

The reason we're here and the reason we sing
Is to thank You, oh God and give
we lift up our thanks. 
Please inhabit our praise, Jesus, you are worthy. 
Repent from ourselves and spread the good news of your glory. 
Step by
so I sing for my father
And in truth you must know I would rather
He were here by my side
We could fly on the wings of a dream
To a place where
As you approach me you want to compromise. 
You wish me dearly to surrender to the lies. 
I praise the symbols of your
of Mercy and Grace

It is you, we adore
It is you, praises are for
Only you
The Heavens declare
it is you
it is you

Holy, Holy is our God Almighty
alive and you are everything

Here's to yours and mine
Here's to yours and mine
Everything we dream

Here's to what's gone by
It's the way we all find
And I speak is all you need
Let the future by

YouTube over genius
Gliding over liquor
Salting the short in 2010
eyebrows for the crowd
Get on the airplane
You give me stomach pain
I wish that you were here
We would have had a lot to talk about

We had a deal
for the crowd
Get on the airplane
You give me stomach pain
I wish that you were here
We would have had a lot to talk about

We had a deal there
When God is in the building, the sin-sick are healed. 
When God is in the building, that void He'll fill. 
We're moving by His power and He's
Okay, so, good day, this is the Christmas part, and,
we're gonna tell you what to get, uh, your true love for Christmas.

Doug- Look out the window!
sails at dawn
And everybody's shouting, "Which side are you on?"
And Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot fighting in the captain's tower
While calypso singers
Love will last forever 
We are forever to the end 

believe it if you like 
You might as well by trying 
As doing nothing here at all 
Sleeping in
There's a sacrifice you make
There are people along the way
When there's nowhere to run and there's nowhere to stay
And the wheels still move
This time, this place is set apart
I stand amazed at who You are
I'm overcome by what you've done

I'm here right now, I need You now
I lift
of things that we do not owe

Even at a standstill we are spinning round and round
We're lost but found
Nowhere is right here
Talk to us long enough and you
The P to the are, not an R&B singer
The are to the you-N-D-MC'n
The fly human beings, tonight I hold the key and

Flowin' with the funk track,
[On the CB.]
Breaker, one-nine, this here's the Duck again. You got a copy on me Pig Pen, c'mon? Ah, negatory, Pig Pen, there ain't no way out 'cept