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Yeah, you light up my life

We made our connection
A full on chemical reaction
Brought by dark divine intervention
Yeah, you are a shining
Yeah you light up my life

We made a connection
A full on chemical reaction
But by dark divine intervention
Yeah you are a shining light
Just like you

People are happy
When they're not so trapped
By someone just like you
(And you)
Many more years
Of nothing but fear
Of anything you do
And you are to give him the name Jesus
He will be great
And will be called the son of the most high
And the lord god will give him the throne of his
fact, we are home
Bad attitudes
Octoroon skin tones
Slave food turned to soul food
Collards and neck bones
Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag


I thought what was cool, was... uh, rockin' Rita
Looking for a Dimebag, like, people who don't
Know who you are think it's
of what I planned

And David had his vision
And david played his game
We have nothing much in common
But we are more or less the same

There was
Words and music by Bob Hartman
Based on Philippians 2:9-10

Some men called Him Rabbi, good teacher, nothing more
The Son of just a carpenter who
fact we are home

Bad attitudes, octoroon skin tones
Slave food turned to soul food, collards and neck bones
Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag
one had lost her
And one came to ask could he buy me a meal
And he said he was called David Foster

We were married that month and I swore to myself
it's down in New Orleans
Brace yourself baby I'm here to attack
Down at the place called the Chicken Schack

The girls at that place are mighty fine
By david pack and michael mcdonald

When the morning breaks with the rising sun
Our past mistakes are gonna be undone
'cause no other love could have
A lot of people called it prison when I was growin' up
These are my roots and this is what I love

Cause everybody knows me and I know them
And I
Lisa & What are these blues we're here to tell you?
Bart: It's sibling rivalry.
 I don't want to share,
 want to make you nuts,
 Gimme what ya got,
called the kings
We're holding hands as David Diamond sings

Whoa I got a love store
And I've got everything you're looking for
And if you check my
Gor Eriksson
Bobby Moore is now David Beckham

So Germany all are beat
We're the golden age to be 
Our time has come and you're all on the run
the best for the trying
And if I tell the truth when I I'm lying
What else can
What else can we do

Produced by David Rosenthal
Words and Music - Jane
store for you at home 
In keeping with the fashion for charity, not change 
Here's out contribution--we've called it Slag Aid 
For every pop star that
get longer, 
Winding on and on. 
Love lost hours make us hard. 
You are power mad, 
I think that's sad, 
Real powers in our hearts. 

We live our
and rejoice
For the love that He has given us all
Children of God, by the blood of His Son
We have been redeemed and we can be called
Children of God
By Aaron Schroeder & David Grover

Where are the dreams
We dreamed when we were younger
Where are the songs we never got to sing
Oh how cold were
how great
That we believe by faith
And we can be called the children of God

How great is the love of the Father that He sent His only Son
That we
silently blessing the virtue of sleep

I'm still
Called by the fire
My spirit
Called by the fire
Yes, i'm still
Called by the fire
Called by the fire
why, why are we sleeping!

My head is a nightclub
With glasses and wine;
The customers dancing
Or just making time;

While David is cursing
at all of those presents, just waiting there by the tree
We hope there's one for you

And I hope the rest are for me


Here goes bells that