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rappers into martyrs
Set it off whenever I-G-G in the place, uh
Young rapper, Goddess
Y'all a boring read like Rapper’s Digest
I could never see you fall
The rapture in my screams
Black Goddess arise

Nothing will keep us apart
We could kill them all
If our desire tore free
Our union is one, sweet,
my misses,
And a future with child?
You know we can't get back from here.
We can get away.

Baby don't you try to find me.
Baby won't you try
And as I come up from its ashes I can only offer week advice
Well you can tremble at love's alter but don't you try to run
Because it's faster than you'll
And as I come up from its ashes
I can only offer weak advice
Well, you can tremble at love's altar 
But don't you try to run
Because it's
Goddess of perversity 
By black light of the moon 
Holy fetus is ripped from breeding womb 
As the blood runs oh, on the pentagram of hate 

She takes
A message goes out loud as it can.

And you'd a thought we'd a come more far somehow
Since the changing of the guard and all.
I mean, dude
The voice comes from the heart
Cut off the soul
Moving to another p[lace
Earning the wages, you are
Denturing into a world of frustration
Living on the edge
to energy,
Returned to energy. 

I've closed the curtains now we're all alone all by ourselves.
I can see your eyes aglow I can feel all the things you've
A scrupulous species
Bred to dominate
Exhibitionist features
We are the whores of man
Oh goddess of Faeces
From temptress
through the night
(Him) I'm not dying

Chosen by higher forces
Don't know what to do
Power from unknown sources
Make my dream come true

The moment
Showered by rays of moonlight appears my summer bride
The full moon is haunting and stalking and preying
To witness the beauty my goddess will offer
What we get from your war walk
The ticker of the nation breaking down like a bad clock
I want the pendulum to swing again
So that all your mighty mandate
things go
Finger in every pie
Can't let a chance pass you by

Green with envy
Your greedy eyes
Have picked the flesh from all our lives
You want
Who am I, where have I come from
In this time, have I been before
Who is she, in this goddess form
Love divine, soul and flesh restored

M--Gary McCracken; L-- Pye DuBois)
Doug Riley: Piano and Synthesizer
Lyrics submitted by Billy Reed. Any other lyrics you see posted all over the net
Faith in a lord
Life's blessings uncared for
This judgment has come from on high
Suffer this kiss as she whispers goodbye

What have we
invoke the flying goddess, come out from the gorge of night.
Spread your darkened wings, and soar above the ground.
Ravenna, strigoi mortii.
Cast thy
in the endless night!
The angels:
The Goddess of the night comes!
3 curses to the holy throne!
No regrets!
It's too late!
The Goddess of the night
through the African safaris

From Then Till Now
What goes up must come down
What goes down comes back around again
Where it all began, began, began,
And break the project silence, a vision
This is way beyond four corners, escape this mental prison
Before we're all goners, now embrace the world
Over all their promised trust.

Walk away from freedoms offered
By the jailors in their cage.
Step into the light, startripping
Over mortals
and strong
Jukebox of scratchy records
I play'em all night long

Eternal blue neon we're never closed
When the world is asleep
Darling come take a seat
schoolboy who said "we don't need no lessons"?
The rabid rebel dogs ransack the shampoo shop
The pop princess is downtown shooting up
And if that goddess
leaned my head back? then drank of opaline. 
The emerald goddess came to me? she craved my soul. 
And just for a while? I had forgotten. 

Yes, it was all