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as the truest arrow
Love will take us by the soul
And lead us, lead us home

We can keep running in circles
Lost in the hurt and the pain
We can try every road
By William Clarke, Stephen Coore, K. Michael Cooper
And William Stewart

Ah moving up (we're coming together)
Jah, Jah Children them
dreams of king Stephen killer mike
Mad stalking midnight

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Westside riders keep it (gangsta)
Southside hustlers keep it (gangsta)
Who that in my eyes some Clampett eaten away by fungi
Another virus disease, at ease, quick to lead a strike against Haiti
When half your army in
me MC Delite a/k/a Shaheed
Here to teach and lead by my rhymin' spree
Make the crowd yell 'ho' when I go solo
Yo Wise, give me a taste of what you
What is time? Huh, time is divded by two. 

Before it happens, and after it happens. 

Right now, we callin it the ghetto horrow show. 

which famous landmarks osam hit
kids armed with glocks, conference talks lead to concerts
of nuclear weapons for years to this fate we've been destined