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Guys like you and me
We're just the losers
Who keep waiting to be seen, right?
I mean no one seems to care
Or stops to notice that we're there
I launch the aqua vessel your way
You're so electric swimming by
I much prefer the work before play
But pressure fills the confine
The pressure
To cry to dry
For I've forced
All this time [2x]
With you, ooh...

[Chris:] I was tempted by the power of desire
I surrendered to the calling of the fire
To cry to dry
For I've forced
All this time [2x]
With you, ooh...

[Chris:] I was tempted by the power of desire
I surrendered to the calling of the fire
love you back

I know you would be there either way
I'm so glad it seems like these time will never fade
your way over
Ya alright, I'll be over in a minute Chris
© Hazel O'Connor

I go down the left side instead of the right
I'm suffocating and I'm having to fight
To keep myself moving out the crowd
Who throw
Chris was no philosopher
He was an ordinary man
Twenty-four and running out of room
A rifle and a pack
And a sack of rice on his back
Guided by

Well, I said, "There must be some man around,
There can't be only you dogs in town."
They said, "Sure, we have Old Bull Connor,
There he goes,
hookin' up the crack
It's the new drug everybody's going crazy for
1989 the year Chris started selling draw
Picking up from Kirby, scar there beneath his
Exhausted by the rage we hold within
Lonely and torn
O weary soul go home

War is over now
We lay down our arms
To find the long way home
War is
[Music and lyrics: Chris Lykins]

Man builds his world, forms it from rock, steel and clay
His view of nature is that it stands in the way
Hazel O'Connor

Sitting on the sunny shoreline, see some driftwood
Come to rest
Worn out by the tides, born up by its endless rides
Never free, just
Yeah, Yeah, it's somethin special
You out there murderin them niggaz kid
Yeah, it's somethin special, everyone here man Ja, Tah, Black
Tell 'em
Less of a say
I know I always come out
Like a pessimist
But there is always something else
That's leading up to this
Chris used to come
To all
a hod

See, he'd sort of a tipplin' way
With love for the liquor poor Tim was born
To help him on with his work each day
He'd a drop of the craythur
it all makes sense.

There's enough room for you, and there's enough room for me,
And that's the way it's gonna be.
There's no use sitting on the fence
were alone on top of your old rooftop in Highland Park
But ask me now

Say, "Chris look out across the sky and tell me which way the wind blows."
(Chris Dreja / Jim McCarty / Jeff Beck / Keith Relf / Paul Samwell-Smith)
You're looking my way,
That's good to see.
Well how I'm thinking,
Is it
by ike and tina as "tina's prayer"
Be-side of the "I don't wanna fight" single

I'm talking to the priest
The high priest
And everybody out there in
o'connor in breaking glass,
Gripper stebson's in the class."

And I said, "I don't remember any of that. if you can remember the '80s you weren't there. uh,
By Chris James and Walter Egan

Damned if I will said Adam to Eve
What made you mess with that tree
Forbidden fruit from some snake in the grass
The Gathering

by Chris McCarter & Michael Carrodus
and chased the crow from his nest
He started shoutin' when a duck flew in his hand
Were runnin' out of water this must be the land

When ole Chris found
An enemy who hides close to you
Deceived by what could not be true
There is a part of me that keeps me lonely
Did you see that part of me