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as you and I keep it movin like a drive-by
We could stack dough sky-high
Niggaz can't touch what they can't feel real recognize real

Yo, I set up shop
Adrenaline maxed and bringin' the rapture
Wreak havoc, we comin' at you
Studio gangsters supply the (?)
Still spit that real shit
I'm the dog
of air
I could feel the Rockies stay
For me OK OK
To me OK OK

Show me the way the way the way
Show me the way the way the way
Show me the way
looks so satisfied 
But I've known about her much too long 
She can't conceal what she feels inside 

I'm gonna show her that piece by piece, inch by
than you see on animation
And bear witness to my smooth operation
As I give the party people a sensation
And give them all a good feel of jubilation
That used to warm the air

Oh! Feelin' pretty bad
Feelin' like I lost the best friend
That I ever had

Oh! Got to find a way
feels like I'm falling into sun,
Even on stormy days in every way
It feels like we’re one
As we watch the years go by
Feels like we’re still flying
Somebody told me to vote Conservative
Tragedy is not known under 
This dimmest of lights
Everybody feels sick by the courtesy of dismay
Was I
Walking by the riverside
The colors change, the seasons have turned white
Reflecting the way I feel about you
But you don't know 'cause I ain't by
She said
Went on a boat going down by the river
Plenty more supplies
Seen a lot of planes going up in the air

Do you ever get the feeling
together again
I'll supply the love she lacks
And give her back exactly what she needs
Bringin' it piece by piece

All I need
To find a way around her
a plane that's headed home
To you

I took a stroll down Abbey Road
Tried to peak inside the studio's
And somewhere along the way I bought you flowers
can feel it in the air, I can feel it in the air

I can feel it in the air, I'ma grab her by her hair
I'ma fuck her like a bear, I'ma fuck her like
niggaz pockets is low
Which way do I go?
Indictments blew over
Man whipped a few shoulders
Shovel nick boulders gettin' it slow
Me, I'm in the studio
keeps avoiding us
They tempt by distraction we send no reaction keep it simple
I hear a signal coming over us
(The air)
We keep regulations on our
a fairytale
Time slows down whenever you're around

But can you feel this magic in the air?
It must have been the way you kissed me
Fell in love when I saw you
actor's westide loft
Supplies are endless in the evening
By the morning they'll be gone
And everything is lonely

I can be my own best friend
I get
a meteorite
So when the studio, no I don't need to write
Man I just came up in the game cause y'all just needed more light
So, so by the time I'm done their
recording studios
Brian wilson/eugene landy

I wonder why nothin' ever seems to go my way
But every time I see you
I get that same old feelin'
And my blues
I don't know that much about guns
But I feel like I've been shot by one
I am ashamed cause I don't know myself right now
And I am forty three
spend all my days, my night
Locked up in the studio
Feel like a lifetime... I'm... I'm... I'm
Spilling my lifetime... I... I... I
You're not in your
early in the morning
Over by the windows day is dawning
When I feel the air
I feel that life is very good to me, you know
In the sun there's so much
Enough to cop six, by the house on the beach
Supply the peeps with Jeeps
Brick a piece
Everybody gettin' cream
No one considered a leech
No regrets Coyote
We just come from such different sets of circumstance
I'm up all night in the studios
And you're up early on your ranch
No regrets Coyote
We just come from such different sets of circumstance
I'm up all night in the studios
And you're up early on your ranch