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got game, that's my rep
Baby Hugh Hef......and that's my name

Fieldy's Dreams, that's part of my game
I love the fame and the fortune, I can't
chair, hugh, hugh!
Now I'm the same way, over time all the time, every night, hey
Ready my blessing, now I'm ready how I wait
Never let a friendship get
now danced your way back into dead.

This is the only kind of love 
As I understand it that there really is.
You can express your deepest of truths
your mother, your daddy, your sister and your brother"
One week, the time it took you to tell me that you love me
Packed all of my shit and moved
Your daddy, your sister and your brother

One week, the time it took you to tell me that you love me
But darling my shit moved across the country
Written and Recorded by Hank Snow

The Law Of Love has ruled again, dear,
You said goodbye and went your way.
In chains of sorrow you have bound me,
star, Hugh Grant is the ho
Put the card in the ATM and it spit out mad dough
Gave it to an old lady, 'cause I always get more
Just livin make me feel
Level, Crumble 
Level by the hatred 
Can't really explain our nature 
Genocide was created 
Blown into the backs of children 
Pushing - miles away
Mass romantic fool wears Foster Grants, his books on tape ring true, 
Like everyone wants to say I love you to someone on the radio. 
The first
bounce, bounce

Red light, TLC, through the Left Eye, my P.O.V.
On the eye chat, how's that for computer love?
She rolled her eyes back, I'm like, ?Ooh,
heart and hope to die
I swear these lips will never tell another lie
If you could love me like you did before
I promise if you'll just come back to me
not afraid
Yeah, give me the power It's the beginnin', the beginnin' of another day.


Let me hold you
Take me back into the secrets of my
started out, gettin' hard by the ounce
No more cash in stashes, it's cards in accounts
The way I make 'em nod to the bounce
Somebody call Silvia and tell
watch your back before she turn into a killer
Best for you and the situation not to call the beaner
To be a true player you have to know how to play
By the river I sat down one day
Saw my life the other way:
All these trials to no avail!
Broken dreams was all I bloody gained!
Way down,
Carry me
We get high in back seats of cars
We break into mobile homes
We go to sleep to shake appeal
Never wake up on our own

And that's the way we get
think that black and white could easily melt into one
So kind and gentle is the touch of the ones I used to fear
Please grant me strength to face my
wonder why

Run by, don't turn back
Can't hide from the look in her eye

Must be the way she walks
A style made up to capture all she needs
No time
and out of my head)
No mind games; I'll take love instead
(Into my heart and out of my head)
I need your help to find a way
(I need your help)
Into my
I was still aware of those around me
I could hear their cries and sense their grief
But was physically incapable
Of responding to them in any way
by don't turn back
Can't hide from that look in her eye

Must be the way she walks a style made up to capture all she needs
No time to spend on loose
The green amp into a Vox AC30, and it sounded hugh.
And when Dave played the opening chords to 'You really got me'
They were so loud that the session
featuring Keith Murray  Redman 

Whoop Whoop(8x) 


Funky dilemmas  destroy mc's by process of elimanation 

Ghetto linger
the bear, smokey the bear, 
Pokey the bear

I want you to go back over there tonight 
And tell them I'm feelin' right
You tell them I love each
her in her private spot
Way back before niggaz even started smokin' crack
They used to act, proooo black
Remember Brand Nubian, 'One for all'
Who ever