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Shane and Dixie they were two-bit crooks
They wanted to be famous like you read in books
Shane had the brain and Dxie had the looks for glory
If rap was made by (?) then redeemed because 
You ain't got no ice cream 
So take a seat in the rear 
Don't dare to compare, cause I swear, you
the trap that you wants me in
That's the trap and you'll feed from my greed and sin
Adelita, it hurts me when you cry.

Adelita, the time is here to leave you. Once again, now, I'll kiss away your tears.
In my heart I will hold you forever
Operator's in the place to be
[Little Daddy Shane]
The L-to-the-I-to-the-L-to-the-D
the water
(Wash me of it all) Wash me of it all
(Wash me in the water) Wash me in the water, Before my fall

All these days just pass me by now
Ending up
Took my hand
Touched my heart
Held me close
You were always there

By my side
Night and day
Through it all
Maybe come what may
up one day, Lord to find that I was by myself
With dreams of Georgia cotton and California wine

Sunday mornin' found me standin' 'neath
You took my hand, long ago
And you've been by my side always
I didn't know where to go
You showed me the way
Who knows what the future holds
Lawn Mower Man
I'm the Lawn Mower Man

Tell me who the best is
Break into your house
And come downstairs and spit asbestos
Tell Satan we
get high
I might wave hi..
.. at a pretty young girl that walk by
But yo, you all that, you can't stop?
A-with the weave in your head like a mop?
Self abuse help produce black magic 
Deeply depressed I'm the best that's tragic
You don't really wanna get me all fired up

It goes: red bull
and always in trouble
None of my teachers ain't like me (uh-huh)
But make it so bad, Pearl had seven mo' like me

If you growed up the way I did
by surprise
Don't think you're crying
But there's teardrops in your eyes
If you gotta leave
You gotta leave

Cool waves wash over me
Cool water
~Static~ "Quik you're not a gangster we're not" ~Static~ 

Some believe in love and some believe in friends 

But niggaz like me believe in
When I met the biz markie out in front of the store
He used to tell me all the time, "yo your lyrics is hype
We got to get together and make
Being interviewed by somebody
In a hotel lobby
She says where do you come from
Now I'd really like to talk about it
But if you write it
executive area
Acting like they don't see me, standin in front of me
Walkin by me three or four times
Showin me views of they Victoria Secret thongs, tryin
the tar-pit
It's strange, like chemical drips down Aspirin lane
Tobacco and Shane, me and Mary-Jane
We all got a clutch that can shift us to want
in the movie shane
Yeah me and that kid, um "what's his name?"
That would be me, young zee from no brain
Smokin' pure from the health fodd store
the circus, they trying serve
I'm either too hood for my own good
Or I'm too good for my own hood
Cold is the climate in the hearse
Where they found me in
Days and nights falling by me. 
I know of a dream I should be holding 
Days and nights falling by 
Days and nights falling by me. 

Cool waves wash
If you lookin' for me I ain't hard to find
I'll be right there posted on that 59
I got a burna in my lap at all times
And a bag a sticky
So oh ah achiga, mamase mamasa mamakusa 
Fuck the sheriff, I shot john Wayne 
Push him off the runaway train in the movie shane 
Yeah me
Share a toothbrush, you're my kind of man
I still love to wash in your old bath water
Make me feel like I couldn't love another
I can't help it, you're