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Photographs of guns and flame 
Scarlet skull and distant game
Bayonet and jungle grin
Nightmares dreamed by bleeding men
Lookouts tremble
Head bowed in silence
Scarcely sane in mind
Strung out, internal violence
Confusion fills my time

Stare back at my face, neurotic eyes
Before the fire
We speak of lore
Of long lost tribes
And their wars
When Picts did thrive
On blood and gore
To stay alive
On this shore
A holy war
Cursed, by the mind of evil
Fleeing from a torrent undreamed of
Horror worse than your blackest nightmare
Hiding from the antithesis of love
the sun, so alive
A simple breath´s all I need to get by
Words you speak are like dirt in my mind
I´m gonna burn till all the stars die

Flame on
the boy in the swamp didn't know he was killed by advisers
So please be reassured, we seek no wider war.
And fires were spitting at forests in defoliation
yester worlds
The flame of war desire burns inside my soul.

Spellbound by this blind passion
In battle lust my mind is drowned
Red is the path:to the war
and vain
Tonight in flames

I went to see her dance one day
In play by a wailing wall
Now she is gone
But the song lives on
Zealous and maniacal

The Eastern
Protect the freedom of the mind
Speak out against the prejudicial
Extinguish ignorance by mouth

War of words
War of words

upon thee, custodian of the infernal legions.
God of war and the hatred storms.

The sky spit flames, Armageddon has come.
The wrath of Satan
Keep your mind burning
And let the smoke burst out
'Til the last of the Christians
Is suffocated

By our pure smoke
From our pure flame
the strength of The Soul
Fight, this shadow of old
Here inside The Maze
Trinity of Flame
As the lightning cracks
We banish the shadow in the black
Holy war
You may be someone else's sweetheart
Fighting someone else's war
And if you suffer for the millions
Then it's what you're fighting for

Oh God forbid this bloody war
I see my knights falling one by one
so here I am, in this fight I'm alone
I'm stuck here in this hellhole on my own
Propaganda war ensemble
Burial to be
Bones shining by the night
In blood laced misery

Campaign of elimination
Twisted psychology
When victory
the flames

Your vision of a brand new day
Was ravaged by the war
Fire is your just reward
Ignominy your fate

Flames shall feed the fire
Flames shall purify
bound by hate

In fear of life now that the mindless control
As the flame of hope for mankind now burns away

For now you stand alone to die
see the devil kiss the hand of god
see the devil crying tears of flame
see the devil bite the hand of christ
and know the devil is the work of god
from hell have lust to burn our souls
Death by the flame in darkness we shall fall
Nuclear warfare a war to end all wars
Fire from hell revelations
The quest for Eden leads us on, fuel to theorize
Is there a place in time where war and peace collide?

Sing unto me sinners and share with me your minds

Raised in Hell's infernal flame
Raised to rule on earth
Crucify the martyrs' soul
To give the infant birth

Hearts of Titans, powerful
a white limousine
If I was the King
She'd be my Queen

And my thoughts are growing louder
And my mind has lost its way
And the flames are getting higher
Out there in the shadows of suburbia
Minds consumed by substance only cold hearts survived
A gathering of mutants in disorder
Way below
Forever fixed my soul
Curse by my side
Judgment in disguise

I am the war
Never disarmed
I am the war
Within my heart
I am the war
By Bill Chadwick and John Chadwick
The king of Zor, he called for war
And the king of Zam, he answered.
They fashioned their weapons one upon one