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like I owe her
And um, sometimes it seems like I just don't know her
And yeh, the relationship is starting to feel like a chore
But I really hope I'm
by the gun, die by the gun
A eye for an eye when you live and die by this war

[Chorus - Ice Cube]
This right here is considered a banger
But sometimes you've gotta let it go

So this pen is starting to become
A pipe bomb and these songs
Have turned to anthems again
To everything
to myself as I slept off a high
The irony is starting to show

Oh Atlanta, please need me like I needed you
Let your sweaty embrace open wide
'Cause Atlanta,
My heart is pounding
I don't want to be in my skin
Everybody, everybody's trying to get in

I feel like I'm ready to blow
When you're up
starting to think that smart is cool Lu
(Dumb it down)
They're tryna get up out the hood Lu
(Dumb it down)
I don't tell you what you should do
(Dumb it down)
from here
When every sense is in mono
Walk by faith, you appear
I want to live in stereo

I can't get there from here
Without a G\od-directed go