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I'm all wrapped up in shackles
I'm trying to break free
I'm my own worst enemy, me
They'll never let me by though, I'm always tryna beat
Beat my
killin you all
I'm the virus in the street that'll get in your paws
See me jumpin outta four-doors wit my road dogs
All you soldiers want wars when you
for my seed
Ride for my g, the rest of ya niggas to me is thieves
Freeze, music 'Preme


I'm a classic, the +Shining Star+, ya head nod
Snapping bones.
Head down and making holes.
In the walls closing around me.

Finding out I'm the enemy.
When they're surrounding the enemy.
we'll be
My Enemies your enemies
Cause you ain't never had a friend like me

How can I be blamed
Forgive me Lord I'm insane
In search of fame
Won't hurt
padlocks in my socks
Steel from the bed springs, I touch 'em with thug love
And then let they heads ring, started a war but now I'm gone
Release me
a bucketful of Babylon I got a handful of lead
I'm gonna put them in a gun man point it at your head
Because you stole all my friends and you gave me
a resurrection
I'm back from the dead
They told me to quit a long time ago
But I conquered instead

I had dreams and visions
Swirlin' around in my head
I had this
I'm signing niggas while Whodini's taking the publishing

My mind state is like the crime rate
A high percentage of your royalties is in my bank
I'm your enemy

It's all out war on my war path
A lethal kill, a savage blood bath
Stick a dagger deep in your chest
As life fades away

In a pool
an alliance
I'm saying "fuck you" out of kindness
You're spineless
And you're in trouble, seeing double
Falling to the floor, quit
You don't want a war
I'm a man
Trying to understand
The reason I'm lost in this world
I was blind
I just couldn't see the signs
Caught in your web of lies

a thought to a debt-trap and two inch reels
want to catch up where I'm at? Renew your skills
Concentratin on my next move, lose your deal
Stay on tour like
in search of enemies
Can I be saved or am I just doomed to fall?
Sick and deranged
Hell bent on killing them all

Something ain't right in my head
will give in to you
You may live your life in the shadow of doubt
But that's not where I will lay my head to rest

They say their words
But nothing
deceitful lies call
The war back to my mind

I learned a way to survive
The enemy to neutralise
They got no reason
Hunting season

I want to set
I'm not a criminal
I'm not the villain
Yeah this is personal
A drive-by killing

Your guns are loaded
And your lies are the bullets
So here is
Dogs of the world unite
It's Public Enemy

Goddamn I state with my fist uplifted
In a state where our freedom is severely twisted and
Abused, I'm
off the block, no longer rock
And putting money in my pocket, nationwide baller
Bitch nigga I'm prepared to die, Before I fry
I hit the weed so I be
the enemy
Don't blame me your sins are on your head
I won't be accused I'm a product of my times
I've left your future behind
Sit back in your easy chair
Cause you ain't never had a friend like me 
[Chorus X2] 
I'm down for you so ride with me 
My enemies your enemies 
Cause you ain't ever had a friend
bleed, come on come on

Oh-oh here comes the enemy
Oh-oh I'm a walking psycho
Oh-oh bring out your armies
Oh-oh let's start a f***ing nuclear war
bleed, come on come on

Oh-oh here comes the enemy
Oh-oh I'm a walking psycho
Oh-oh bring out your armies
Oh-oh let's start a fucking nuclear war
The man in me is ready for war, like Holyfield Tyson IV 
A gang against you niggas on the shore 
Either or, your whole family is on the floor 
This war is mine

Spill my blood for you
One too many times

Someway somehow, we've fallen out,
Caught in between my enemies,
No way not now, I