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when he walked by

Tom, Tom, Tommy Brown meanest boy in all the town
Everybody said he'd turned out bad
They said he had stole and I guess he had
better prepare for war
You better prepare for war

[Verse 3]
How dumb would I be if I sold her the (?)
Just because women'll swallow you
How dumb would I
Against The World fuck you fuck
fuck fuck you mane what do you hoes want to do
I said what you want to do switch

[Verse Three]
Tommy Wright
on the creep
And a payment on the Jag.
Won't you try this personal bazooka, 
Make you feel like a man,
Show the little girls what's what 
By the size of the thunder in
I was talking to my friend Tommy, he's almost 6.3 years old. I said, "Is it just me, or has
Power Rangers gone to shit this season?" and he shook his
love to where the independent game started
The 6-1-9, shout out to Jay-O
Masters Of The Universe, doing it in DayGo
I came up on drive-bys and chronic
Betsy Wright.
She drove the Conch Train all day long
And loved Shrimper Sam all night.
And with some sweet persuasion,
She agreed to join the game:
to hate it all, no love? (Full-fueled flight on US Air)
Just wait and watch out for the scuds (Nine-eleven, I was there)
Hut, two, three, four! - No War
champagne left, so let's toast 'gnac
Sky baller and Game 'bout to bring the West coast back
I'm on that get dough shit, that Frank War (???) pimpin that ho
To pull us in quietly into the 20th Century

But before the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk
Lifted off that sandy ground
Hed invented Thomas
at war...I say dem boys at war 
I say dem niggas from the 17th, dem boys at war 
I say dem boys at war...I say dem boys at war 
I say dem niggas out the 3
a molotov
This is war everybody ain’t no reason I'ma call it off
Get it right, shout out to the homie Dizzy Wright
In the studio everyday so you know this
We're looking for a better world, but what do we see?
Just hatred, poverty, aggression, misery.
So much money spent on war
When three quarters
Man we so about it, 5 star count it
Could have fucked the World but I left it how I found it
Took the game to school now I'm 'bout to cap and gown it
These DTP niggas come ready for war
So don't start the fucking game
If you won't settle the score

I got six hoes distributing on six blocks
One More Parade
Phil Ochs
Written by Phil Ochs and Bob Gibson

Hup, two, three, four, marchin' down the street
Rollin' of the drums
a light
Image is nothing so I'ma drink me a Sprite
Tonight's the night
But my name ain't Betty Wright
It's Mr. Bones
And aggrivating hoes please leave me

Teacher: Good morning, class! 
Class: Good morning, Mrs. Aryan. 
Teacher: Today we're going to play a game! 
Class: Yeah! 
strap went boom 3x

Had him dodgin every muthafuckin up in the room

[ VERSE 2 ]
They say the youngsters run the penitentiary (I think they do)
They say
a click lacin niggaz like the P-O double S-E


Verse 3 *(Hitman)*

Let's say for instance, you're a distance
An you all by yo self, tell me how
I woke up out that coma 2001
'bout the same time Dre dropped 2001
Three years later the album is done
Aftermath presents: Nigga Witta Attitude,
[Sample and scratch over Mobb Deep - Give Up The Goods]:
"I got lots of love for my crew that is" x 3

Young buck in the game
Joe, left by Judy with the booty crew
but they blame the game Suzy with the snooty two (who?)
The Blockout Thugs plus the hoochie crew, shit I keep my
can be so nasty
In a cut throat war for popularity
A much more beautiful person
Than he'll ever know

Close your eyes and let time tick by
In this life,
A military mind, nigga
A military mind mean money
A criminal grind, nigga
A criminal grind mean hustle
You know

We tradin' war stories, we