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I have to set you free
Darling you should be long gone, oh long gone by now
You should be with someone, someone

Glisten and shine
Oh I was walking
Down through gardens wet with rain
Someone changing
Changing everything

Then I was wondering
Who I was before we woke
Wanting you with all my might


Strollin' in the park , walking in the dark
That's the time I feel like making love
When you talk to me ,
How can I go on when every thought hurts 
I flirt with the notion of no more songs 
My old familiar foe, self pity, haunts me 
I'm stuck in some
a hold on me
Will I live for another day?
Hey, Will I live for another day?

Well the queen of George street just went walking on by
Walking on by
Written by Lowell George
© Naked Snake Music

Well I am just a vagabond
A drifter on the run
And eloquent profanity
It rolls right off my tongue
Written by: John Mellencamp and George Green
In the shadows of the smokestacks
Through the black snow that lay on the land
Walked home one winter
and so neat
With any other guy he didn't have to compete
George was mature, he made sure
that he was the only one I'd ever adore
Girls, have you, ever had
Meet me down by the sea
We can dance beneath the carnival lights
Oh, just you and me
We'll fall in love on a carousal
Little boardwalk angel

and souls we know
We need it we need
We need more than this

Going through this life looking for angels
People passing by looking for angels

Walking down
finally found someone, a girl I can lover forever never thought it would happen for me
Feels like I'm walking on water walking on water
When I'm with you
heaven street to me
Don't be so proud

You're just another angel in the crowd
And I'm walking in he wild west end
Walking with your wild best friend
Walking dead, angels spend their last days by me,
New Jersey Giant like Dave Tyree,
Young George or Jonathan Chat,
Your guns clap,
Mine will go
and brightest guy around,
But like the great George freakin' Straight
I'm the king of getting unwound

And every week has a weekend
By this time Friday night
tears are for

A walking poster boy for all that's good
He got swallowed by the cracks before he understood
She likes to think he loved her but it
By your mercy lamp's flame

Walking beside
The weary soul life's forgotten
Bringing comfort and love
And gently leading their way

walking over the abyss
With angels by my side
I can't see 'cause I'm blind
Although there's nothing else to see


Give me wings
Heard the war horn screaming, as they gather for the feast
Seen a star-crossed angel with the death-card and a shield 

We're walking through
an angel fallen from grace?
Yes, the fist that I hate
Pick me up from the gutter with a gentle kiss
The rips from my heart is showing me, how black it is!
E                      D            A       
A angel in white comes walking real slow
Her hands all wrapped  in velvet
with all me 
Heart and soul
In the book of love 
We're a Million To One
Let's bring back the memories

My Earth Angel
Leave a story to tell
(Melinda Melinda) oh how I miss Melinda
While a walking down a street in Denver I passed by a little dress shop
A sign on the door read Melinda's
the devil smile and her angel eyes
She got me all hypnotized
And she's hell on heels

That girl needs somebody like me
A real man born with sex degree
I was
I have been given
One moment from heaven
As I am walking
Surrounded by night,
Stars high above me
Make a wish under moonlight. 
On my way
By that pale moonlight
Till the morning comes my way

I'm walking tall
And I'm walking fine
And I'm up there
With that girl of mine