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You can hear the music
concert and rebellion
The incident was allegedly sparked by police officers trying
To shut down a reportedly peaceful concert by hip hop artists
My life flashed before my eyes
Razor-blade lips and daggers up in your eyes
Baby, your love is a crime
Danger by day, but you're evil in the night
A woman walking down Main street, 
Clad only in cowboy boots and a big smile.
The arresting young lady was apprehended by police officers who said
I'm fuckin' walkin'
I'm fuckin' walkin' out in the moon light 
After midnight searching for you 

Out After midnight searchin' lerkin' hurtin'
I'm talkin' to you. 

You see, once he was a young man. 
And he was holdin' a young girls hand. 
And they where walking' down by the lake,