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Aight, aight, don't be yellin yo
Calm down man, can we talk like civilised people?
I can't take this no more

[Craig David]
I don't love you
fight like we at war, 
And I don't think I love you no more


[Craig David:]
I don't love you no more (no more)
I'm gonna show myself
her away from me your dig.

Well if you love you girl
And wanna keep you girl
Don't be walking up and asking me to meet you girl
Because I'm well
sing plus I'm rich and (I'm a flirt)

(I'm a, I'm a, I'm a, I'm a)

Hey homie, if you ain't getting no money
you better keep her away from me your dig.
been tryna get my weight up since the ace Slim Shady
Gave me the gate key, paved the way
So lately my stakes get better each day
Replay my relay race,
harder and work better
My mailbox was filled up all the rejection letters
One day I'm a take em all out and put em together
Frame em stick them on my wall