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You can't keep a secret
But you keep a diary anyway
And you get away with murder
Because you've got a way with words
Yeah, and I know where you
I Was Born With the Blues

When I was a young boy I liked rainy days
And the lonesome sound that a freight train made
I came by it honest
hypertention. That niggas is getting salty
I’m quick to pop off back the fuck up off me

Carlton Fisk banana clip silver back gorilla
Mr. Street life show you
You going in? Well, let me walk with cha
It's Method Man, but for short Mr., Mef
(Konichiwa bi*ches)

N.Y.C., is all I see, O.D.B., n****, R.I.P.

[Chorus: Chico DeBarge]
You abandoned me, y'all don't live here anymore...
Just a vacancy, y'all don't live here anymore...

[Carlton Fisk]
Dear Heather
Please walk by me again
With a drink in your hand
And your legs all white
From the winter
Naw dawg, a broad got to be a huzzy
A hoodrat that ride like the "Bride of Chucky"
Walk through my hood, your jewels they scream "Tug me"
, walk, walk with me
Tell me what I need to know
Cause I'm standing by the ocean
Waiting for my ship to sail

Cool me, cool me
Cool me from the flames
if I seem so broken in pieces

Walk on by
Aah walk on by
With foolish pride
If I can't see the tears
Let me hide
From the tears and the sadness
by me

Driving it down
Tearing it down
Break it down
Drive it

Walk with me
Walk with me
Walk with me
Walk with me

You made me this way
Your hair was colored gold
Like a field of corn
You were blown by the wind
You were blown by the wind

Walk, walk, walk to the water
Walk with me
a fraud, til my nigga Carlton Fisk 

see the boss, truly yours, Mr. Meth 

[Street Life] 

Life's a snippet, one way ticket 

Time tickin fast, blink
I just want to look back over all the years
With you right there standing by my side.
Could you just...

Won't you walk through this world with me
Don't take me by the hand and walk me through with pity
If I was a man, would you still do the same?
I'm fending for myself when you still call me
wait for me, wait for me

Take a walk with me down by the sea
Take a walk with me down by the sea
Take a walk with me down by the sea

Take a walk, take
Walk with me put your faith in love and walk with me
You're the one my heart has waited for
Trust in me leave your tears behind and trust in me
and come on by
Just walk, walk on, walk on in

I said if you need a shoulder you can lean on, yeah
Someone to stand by you through thick and thin
take a walk with me and tell me who do you love
Oh oh walk with me (Walk with me)
Talk with me (talk with me)
I want you to stop my heart from crying
Walk with me (walk with me)
Talk with me (talk
Pick up your faith, yeah everybody come with me

Home, welcome home, take a little walk
Take a little walk right through my
Home, this is home
of rap, yep, they planned it with me
Pass the baguette, gold Louis phone, hand it to me
Raised a million champs, this is our civilian's lamp
Furless sweats,
I was meant to be by your side
And I have waited here a long time
For you to turn around and notice me
But now you're here holdin' hands with me
And the wind will whisper your name to me
Little birds will sing along in time
Leaves will bow down when you walk by
And morning bells will chime

Ill be
, just walk, by my side
Just walk, by my side

Are you fixin', to come with me?
Are you fixin', to fix me, fix me?

Don't even tell me where, we are
right here by my side
Hold me Hold me
And your love we won't hide
Oh I need you (I need you)
Oh I need you (I need you)
Oh oh walk with me (walk with