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of a home
There's a town they call Tombstone where the brave never cry
They live by a sixgun by a sixgun they die

It's been a long time now since
Lol x4
Well I just loled,
I passed by to say
Lol x2
I hope you lol me do
I hope you lmao me do
Come together right now
till the day that I die it's L.B.
 from the year 95 and true 'G's

 1 for the money
 2 for the Lie
 3 for my peoples in the struggle gettin by
Why, why, why, why
Do be do be do by dey, uh uh (4x)
Walk the proud land, I Idren, with I an' I (4x)
Now why you come wheel and turn me (3x)
Go lick
sense 2 me & nobody's got a clue
'Cause nothin' & nobody makes me feel like u do
Thought I'd b as high as the sky
Rock n roll 4ever & never die
Used 2
Rite now a nigga just feelin real good
Thankful 4 evrythang thats goin down 4 me rite now
4 all dis happiness an' success
A nigga just str8
You can tell I'm the s*** by the way I walk 

Walk wit me now, 
Step wit me now, 
Step right wit me now, 
To the left wit me now, 
You can tell I'm the shit by the way I walk 

Walk wit me now, 
Step wit me now, 
Step right wit me now, 
To the left wit me now, 
Cheeks, Freaky Tai
 Pretty Pretty Lu, Spiggy Spig Nice Say

 1 for the money
 2 for the Lie
 3 for my peoples in the struggle gettin by
ever leaves me alone

I got a thing or two to say
Before I walk on by
I'm feelin' good today
But if I die a little farther along
I'm trustin'
to dig
The kind of love I'm putting down

It all adds up now
Two and two are really four
It all adds up now
My heart knows the score

Put me in your loving
2 late 2 say you're sorry
you'll never change wrong 2 right


What kind of fool do you take me 4
No-one on earth could give
If a coward wanna jump its goin be a bloody mess


Chorus x2

Verse 3 


Now we can get it buck in da club

With niggaz I suggest
Willing 2 do what I gotta do
I'm willing 2 do The Work

Tell me now - what about you?
This work is not an easy task
But this is the work we must do 4
World by storm
We're standing side by side
Right through the


The world By storm

It's in our heads
It's in our hearts
is a mystery, from birth 'til we die.
It's cross words of a morning, by evening entwined.
It's all that we dream of, sometimes it's not right.
got it right, live free or die
Don’t tread on us and try to run our lives
Now it don’t matter where you go
Everybody would like to know
1, 2, 3, 4

You've got your mother and your brother
Every other, undercover, telling you what to say
You think I'm stupid, but the truth
right by my side
And lets walk right through the door
Just to see whats inside

[Chorus: x2]

Show me the way
With the words that you say
Walk around in circles, walk around in circles,
Walk around in

Doom da doom da doom
What I'm doing I'm doing

But I can't sigh now
pass me by 
So if U're ever gonna make a change 
Better be right now, right now, right now! 

I don't know if anybody ever told you, boy 
it wasn't easy 
But we got by 

It's much too late 
To walk away and say goodbye 
And let our love die 

And if we protect our love 
over losing you

I walk along the street we used to walk
Two by two, lovers pass
And as they're passing by, I could die
'Cause you're not here with
To The Left 
Now Take 2 Steps To The Right 
Now Bring It Back 
Bring It Back 
Hey I Made Ya'll Walk It Out 
Everybody 2 Steppin 
Now We Finna Turn It Out
Maybe now you'll understand
Why I've waited for the day when he takes me away to

He'll take me by the hand to
We'll walk along