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another hit up out of the abyss
The Tech N9ne Nina out to find vaginas
Just the playa clubbin' it, rubbin' it
Lovin' that crema streama, might seem
ta fight your chick
Lorena Bobbitt, Told her to slice yo dick
If you Ever break up with a Psycho bitch

[Verse I: Tech N9ne]
Don't give me that
Everybody want to be down with a nigga
Women get a whiff of the money
Thinking of taking it from me
They get up in the club
Giving the love
But ain't nobody ever heard of a
Killa killa doing damage off up in suburbia
Sinister rhyme minister
TECH N9NE be the menace (yes, yes)
Diminish ya
wake up yo like this

[Tech N9ne]
One, and then comes the two to the three and four
Two-thousand Techa N9na is hardcore with a K
See me step up
my name, they call me,
(DUH DUH-DUH DUH), Tech N9ne
And I uh, need a Caribou Lou
Uh, that's 151 Malibu Rum and pineapple juice,
You know what I'm
the royal playas don't hate an innervator...

TECH N9NE 2nd verse:
You gotta disease nigga, so please ease away from me's nigga, my feas ease be's about that
feel I'm barely hangin on
(I just want to die)
I don't want to wake up
I don't want to wake up cause that's the way
It has to be

(Tech N9ne says this
Tech N9ne what's up blood what's happenin'
Make it bounce, make it make it bounce
Subnoize in this mother fucker turn the party like BLOW
sittin spot for your backside
I'm just tryin to kick it
Make up your mind you want N9ne to stick it
I'm diggin you because you fine and wicked
Don't want
Tech N9ne what's up blood what's happenin'
Make it bounce, make it make it bounce
Subnoize in this mother fucker turn the party like BLOW
all the above
Tear the fuckin club up with my nigga what
[Tech N9ne]
That Tech N9ne nigga, lyrically blind niggas on the grind
All the time you will
went from peanut butter in Benton

To Tech N9ne really spittin'
Went from the Jackson Five

To George Clinton

To Bill Clinton

Ya he's a nigga like us
Is what I mean (mean)
No matter what kind of lyrics you like
Tech N9ne fans don't want to hear it tonight
All hail to my jail homies
ever put 'em out there like that
  Feelin that I did Tecca Nina take it right back
Tellin 'em that they mommy's boyfriends Tech N9ne
* Don't be lookin
Okay... you said 24 right?
Imma tell you keep it here
I go by the name of Shadow

Yo, yo flow miss me, buy vodka, get pissy
Roll with tech n9ne, bear arms
{Tech N9ne}
Man, I can't even picture myself, not breathin, but its certain.

I love too much I love to many to count em'
So extras and pets is easy
started to arguin'

Here's a message to the young folks
Don't try this at home
Don't start it early like Tech N9ne
Wait till you are grown

When I
N9ne times you must repeat it
Mind trying just to lead it
I'm N9ne, who supposed to be this rough MC
Who's glutton-ny would rhyme grime,
me to do..."
Tech-"What's up?"
Girl-"Do you want it with hot water?"
Tech-"What's that??"
Girl-"You mean to tell me freaky ass Tech N9ne never had it
and guns
Spray guns, life results with you often times

[Tech N9ne]
Just sprayed by the Tech N9ne hand gun
Now I'm on the outrun
Flowin up
at Club Zen and drinkin', actin' brand new
Actin' like he never seen my face and I ain't got loot
They know I'm Cash Image and I'm with Tech N9ne
[Tech N9ne Talking]
A stallion
Ass like pow
Chest like bang
Lips like ooh
An angel mane
But she had the devil's eyes
I had to have her cat


He played me some stuff in uh, in L.A., off "Tha Carter IV"
He has a, he has a record on there with umm
this dude named Tech N9ne I don't know if
think you fuckin' with kottonmounth go and kill him

when I get up I'm gonna bust you up; homie watch me kill him

say bring it on(x4)

(tech n9ne)