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Some John Hughes film
Like a dream we've all had
Where you can't run too fast
Tomorrow we'll wake up
Crying and smiling

Driving on up
if Tim McGraw's got any of that snifflin night time
Sneezin achin stuffy head coughin
Wake up on the top of your tour bus medicine for me

hundred grand
And get some rest when your conscious keep waking ya
The evil kicks in and them demons start shaking ya
Every night, I wake up in a cold
Wake up to the mathematics, rhyme fanatic, lyrical acrobatic, fantastic
Master mind, shine thoughts, hell of a force
I come through, niggas take
it out in stores)

It's about 5:15 got a call from Weezie West
Timbaland you have a check on my desk
You must pick it up by 7
the choppa, watch ‘em ball up
Paint your face red, your all dolled up
Yeah, Young Nino n-gga,
I do it for my team Tim Tebow n-gga
I’m killing this sh-t grim
the cancer
taking each day by day in life is the answer
they told her she had only few months to live
but she didn't give up,  a few years later here she is
all know my name

Old ones and young ones and big ones and small ones
Different colors and countries I love 'em all the same
She wakes up in her make-up
shit up like Tim McVeigh
Gimme the needle, not tomorrow, but today
Cross coming why y'all better get the fuck out the way
I ain't the shit that you
lost race
Age in the black ink blur of a rained-on print-out.
I wake up dumbly and stroll through the police line-up of my daily selves;
And in
in Harlem shaking away
Shaking to bake, shaking the Jakes
Kill you shoot the funeral up and Harlem Shake at your wake
Kiss ya picture though you
you drink
On the brink of blaaow!
But now I've got the missing link
Wake up, sleeper, and rise from the dead
And Christ will shine on your head full
up voice, yo I made my chioce
-Tim and his boys foul plans was to leave me moised
-so I stood up,prayin to God that this ain't my last luck
-yo they
'cause Jenny Lo across the road gets to hang wit' us fellas
Makin' money makin' money makin' money
Don't wake me up fool I'm busy with all these hunnies
about merchandising I'm so underground everyday I wake up at 7:30 and I still ain't dead. 
It's all about if I don't come down up off of this irony
brain is the tool
Gimme my props so we all can rule
Don't show off my skills, I just sprinkle em
And you're sleeping on my props, wake up before you
to the crib
Tidy up a bit
Y'all know my room's messy
Though classy
Start arrange my ish
Line up my shoes one by one
Start with Jordans
And end with them Air
you just wake up in the morning
And blame it on a nigga
You's the type of nigga
I leave standin' at the bar
Have your thirsty ass waitin for my car
so vivid it easily fold digits
Today when you livin it way in to deep
You invision the game in your sleep

-Andre Nickatina
Baby wake up
And give