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"wake up, Paul," 
Whisper clouds rolling by 
And the seeds falling softly from the branches of the trees.

Wake, wake up Paul
Whisper clouds floating by
And the seeds falling softly
From the branches of the trees
stomach turning sour
What happens in your head tonight's not true

You may get cold, you may wake up and know that we're not right by
But Paul
We all
We aren't ourselves
Brains on the shelf
We'll all wake up
When Ringo buys a rifle

We live we breathe
We spread disease
That all must end
When Ringo

Because me nah get no bligh 
Sean Paul ah pressure yuh wit one more try 
Fuss inna meh life man I'm feeling fi cry 
Taking all meh heart baby
all know my name

Old ones and young ones and big ones and small ones
Different colors and countries I love 'em all the same
She wakes up in her make-up
Clean Your Room (To The Trumpet Tune)

Words & Music by Erika Paul
From the cd entitled, "Scat's My Bag"

Wake up!
Get up!
And Clean Your Room
of sissors toward a swimming pool filled with
Nair. Oh my gawd what a nightmare that would be for Crystal Gayle. 
Wake up Crystal Gayle. 
Wake up.

Oh no,
of sissors toward a swimming pool filled with
Nair. Oh my gawd what a nightmare that would be for Crystal Gayle. 
Wake up Crystal Gayle. 
Wake up.

Oh no,
like Juliette Greco
And there's me quoting pretentious chat up lines
From Marcel Proust, Jean Cocteau and Jean-Paul Sartre
Sitting by a gasfire in
[Paul Wall Intro]
I get up early and get it before the crack of dawn
And I'm still out when the sun set getting my hustle on
I'm grinding all day
minute to minute
If my mind ain't really in it,
Never know just what I'm do or say.

Sometimes I wake up happy.
Sometimes I wake up mean .
When the lion dem wake and roar, that mean seh no dog no bark
If a supn dem a prove, then a supn dem a lose when man a get dark

P p p plaque up inna mi
just fall apart (Yeah)
Now I realize I need to wake up 
So I'm giving you all my heart

(I remember) Oh watchin' the clouds go by 
(You were always
best chill
Before you wake up with some gangsters in your grill and get killed
By a nigga named Big Phil, tote a big steel
Give a damn if my record
a million ideas that I ain't
Even rocked I've got the light bulb flashing at the top of my head
Never wake up on the wrong side of the bed you're an idea
You disgust me, your beautiful face became ugly
I just wish you was a dream, and that I could wake up
But it's real, so I keep, gettin' drunk, as fuck
Oliver Paul, twenty years old
Thick head of hair, worries he's going bold
Wakes up at quarter past nine
Fair evades his way down the 96 tram line
produced by Prince Paul
Slaps ya skull, no static at all

Static mixed in but it don't cling
To a fat rope dope Gucci link or an earring
Hand now
to his wake
Banana in ya tail pipe sugar in ya tank
Dis combobulate ya fuel pump when ya car crank
Swallow up ya fear break a bottle on a chair
and my mind is divine
Explode in a flow of melody
Open your eyes fight the tragedy, brother Wake up

Wake Up

Dieu, Allah n'ont jamais dit : Tuez
the chopper ain't shit I'm getting all of mine
Pop 'em drop 'em call the plan a wake he out forever more
I give it to you straight nigga I don't need
picture this
Life without me, wake up you're having bad dreams
cause ya fiend for a toke
My crew tote Tocques and mink coats
On the cell with the boat
bigger buns than my man Paul Bunyan's
I’ve been going nuts gettin' all cooped-up
Fully hermitizing but now I’m getting souped-up
It's time to turn the page
kingdom be what wakes us up and lays us down