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fuckin' past
I just seen you yesterday

By any means was all it ever seemed to be
This reminiscin' with my past has got me
Caught up in a daydream
Stay in
with me I know you'll stay you'll wake up in the morning to a brand new day
You'll begin the rest of you'll life and baby

Baby when the sun
What type of games is being played, how's it going down?
It's on till it's gone, then I gots to know now
Is you wit me or what, wake up try to get
for the world to start
Yeah, I'm stuck at the front of the queue
Waiting till your world falls apart

My day begins when your party ends,
A booby
'Cause I'm not sure if this is about me
Or if they're reliving glory days gone by

You don't want to walk in my shoes
Beneath all this envy green
yet to be found
So light up some green, and pass it around (just pass it around)

Now tell me what y'all smoking
What kinda heat y'all holdin'
Well is
journey end 
Amongst the sliming green solution 
You see it makes me.............. 
Sick...sick, sick, sick, sick 
Yeah yeah
way, living day by day
Corn rows and hang time, automatics and gang signs
Five-O with them K-9's
Manhunt when it's game time
They was robbing the ice
on the table when you chillin for lunch,
And head up with your door open feelin your blunt,
Where I'm from 20 gone by the end of the month,
I get drunk smoke
of my queens
So I hit about 7:15
Then I finish at 9:15
Tell her to wake me up at 10:15
But she wakes me up at 11:15
Know what I mean I'm late for
drinking up a lot of forties
Oldies make E's in the sky
Why I rose made dog we use to ride
Kitchens cool in the woods by the tracks
We use to gather up our
the devils laughing every time he hears somebody's metal clappin'
Ain't no napping in the city cus it never sleeps
Wake up like what happen when I bust a cap
through city streets 
New Jerusalem days mega nights
Wrap like a turban tight 
Some are tall for those who want to spar
Meet up with the caravan
that you say you like
See what a day is like when you be my a-alike
Girl, just lay back, I'll do it the way you like
(Said, it's the flyest thing,
See what a day is like when you be my a-alike
Girl just lay back, I'll do it the way you like
(Said it's the flyest thing, just the way we swing)
killin you all
I'm the virus in the street that'll get in your paws
See me jumpin outta four-doors wit my road dogs
All you soldiers want wars when you
the street
Poverty and desperation made me everything I be
I'm a shotta, when I pop up with them poppers burn ya block up
Call the judges, call the coppers, we
shit different day
Same shit different day
Same shit different day

Me and the mandem moeshing
Said I'll be a big MC by end of school term and they
you up
At you wake motherfucker
Black girls got tape AK
We always do it big round here babe babe

That's for Miami boys
With them days kinda flex
bitches that was hard to fuck
I came up, it was hardly luck
Just left Compton, and I ain't have to use my AK
What a day, what a day

Back when my
These niggaz want to waste me it ain't nothing new to me
Soon as he walked by I was ready to bust
But he just posted up like he was waitin' on the bus
Turn it up and ignite the track
Light it up and pop a bottle cause your boys are back
I got one fucking goal by the end of the show
Make this whole
rhymes stand out like calliped at the Masters 
Ask the question "Yo let me step up" 
I say you can't try us cause fools dying 
Before they get

Until the end of time
The fire burns on high
Until the end of time
The fire burns inside
My curiosity leads me to Zion

Wake the fuck up
wanna get two partners alone

Because I'm only 25, and still going live
Got the estate by the pool, by the lake outside
I wake up, and gotta pick